Episode 4.04 : Next One's on Me, Blondie

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

August 03, 2011


DirecTV, FX Network


Thriller, Drama, Mystery

Show Period

2007 - 2012

Production Company

FX Prod., Sony Pictures TV

Cast and Crew


Timothy Busfield


Joe Weisberg

Main Cast

Additional Cast


Ellen is visited by Nasim Marwat, the son of Chris Sanchez' Afghan contact, who gives her Chris's skull medallion. Patty reaches out to her former mentor, William Herndon, to help get government info on the "Double-Dees" inscription on the medallion. Herndon, now a raging alcoholic, warns Ellen about tangling with High Star.

Patty postpones her French pharmaceutical case with Jim Girotto for one month. Boorman urges Erickson to turn the screws on Sanchez to see if he has loose lips. Boorman uses his local Afghan contact to trail Ellen's mysterious visitor (Nasim). Boorman's C.I.A. Station Chief, Robert Owen, confronts Boorman about his shady connections with Erickson. Erickson prepares for a Christmas Eve sermon while giving Anthony Carter the order to torture Sanchez on his suspected intelligence breach. Herndon confirms to Patty that High Star extracts terror suspects for the C.I.A. Patty considers keeping this new info from Ellen.

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