Curb Your Enthusiasm

Episode 1.08 : Beloved Aunt

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Episode Premiere

December 03, 2000





Show Period

2000 - Now

Production Company

HBO Films, Production Partners

Cast and Crew


Robert B. Weide

Main Cast


At the funeral for Cheryl's aunt, Larry offers to use his connections (Jeff) to place an obituary in the newspaper. But when the paper comes out, the "a" in "aunt" has been inadvertently replaced with a "c", and Cheryl's family is convinced that Larry did it on purpose. Further incensed that Larry counseled Cheryl's sister's boyfriend to break off their relationship during the funeral, Cheryl throws Larry out of the house. Larry ends up staying for part of the night at Jeff's, but is thrown out after Jeff's mother accuses him of trying to cop a feel. He ends up begging for a room at the hotel where his sister-in-law's now-ex-boyfriend is staying, but ends up getting thrown out of the hotel as well. It's a good thing his car has reclining seats.

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