Couples Therapy

Episode 4.07 : Crumbs of Love

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February 13, 2014




Reality, Drama

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2012 - now

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Irwin Entertainment

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After Kelsey storms out of her therapy session with Ghost and his other woman, Latrice, it is clear she is brokenhearted and completely over her relationship with Ghost. She cries over her love lost, and decides to speak with Latrice alone. Kelsey lets Latrice know that she never knew about her relationship with Ghost, and Latrice is surprised that he had never mentioned her to Kelsey. Latrice leaves, not knowing where her relationship with Ghost stands. Kelsey is very clear that she wants nothing to do with Ghost, and he knows that he most likely has lost both women forever. Dr. Jenn brings compatibility experts from an online dating company in for a group exercise. Since Farrah is in therapy alone, Dr. Jenn has her fill out a profile so she can go on a date with someone more compatible with her in the future. After the couples fill out a probing questionnaire, Dr. Jenn reveals that all of the couples are compatible except Ghost and Kelsey, and Jon and Liz. Ghost and Kelsey aren't surprised, but Jon and Liz are shocked and upset, and threaten to quit Couples Therapy. Dr. Jenn reminds Jon and Liz that the activity was meant not meant to judge, but rather to teach the couples ways they can improve their compatibility. Latrice returns to tell Ghost that she doesn't want to continue their relationship, and it appears as though Ghost has now lost two women he cared for. After seeing Liz and Jon fight with Dr. Jenn about the compatibility test, the group tells the couple that they feel Liz is not a good match for Jon, which upsets them both.

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