Couples Therapy

Episode 4.06 : Get Real

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February 06, 2014




Reality, Drama

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2012 - now

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Irwin Entertainment

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Kelsey has just heard the news that Ghost has another significant woman in his life, and that he wants to have a therapy session with Kelsey and the other woman. This is devastating for Kelsey, who is in love with Ghost, and doesn't know what to do with all of her emotions for him. Meanwhile, Farrah is still having problems as she feels excluded from the rest of the group, and this is because they feel like she is not being completely truthful about her 'sex tape'. Dr. Jenn brings Farrah in for an emotional and revealing therapy session about her past. Farrah's revelations continue in group therapy, but instead of sympathizing with her, the group gets upset that she isn't sharing certain things, especially because they have been pouring their hearts out to everyone. Later, Dr. Jenn is able to get Ghost's other woman Latrice into therapy for a session with Ghost and Kelsey. Needless to say, it does not go well and leaves their relationship at a crossroads.

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