Couples Therapy

Episode 4.05 : Player for Life

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January 30, 2014




Reality, Drama

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2012 - now

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Irwin Entertainment

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In group therapy, the couples discuss their sex lives, and how issues in the bedroom can be telling about their emotional relationships as well. This particular subject was hard to talk about for Jon, who was caught by Liz when he was trying to masturbate. It was also a difficult subject for Sada and Whitney to talk about, because Whitney feels too much like Sada's mother, which sets Sada off. After fighting over their relationship, and if it is even going to work out, Dr. Jenn brings Sada and Whitney in for an insightful therapy session. Dr. Jenn discovers Sada was raised in a household with a lot of turmoil, which she clearly brings into her relationship with Whitney. In a therapy session, Ghost tells Kelsey that he has another woman on the side that he cares for, and wants to bring her into therapy for a session with Kelsey. This infuriates Kelsey, who is confused and torn, and the two continue to fight, but Kelsey is the one to get the last laugh.

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