Cold Case

Episode 6.21 : November 22

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Episode Premiere

April 26, 2009




Drama, Crime

Show Period

2003 - 2010

Production Company


Cast and Crew


Jeannot Szwarc


Ryan Farley

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Kay Lenz
  • Tess Harper
  • Muse Watson
  • Bill Bolender
  • John Bennett Perry
  • Madeline Carroll
  • Valerie Azlynn
  • Channon Roe
  • Brian Elerding
  • Billy Jayne


The 1963 Cold Case of a pool hustler found shoot to death shortly after President Kennedy was assasinated on November 22nd is reopened when the murder weapon used in the killing is newly discovered in the pool hall he frequented.

Patrick "The Rifleman" Lennox was a pool hustler that lived out of a suitcase, traveling from city to city to try and hustle the average Joe out of his earnings in order to pay off an enourmous debt he had accumulated. He returned to Philly to make his way into a game with "Baltimore Red" a well-known pool shark that could get Patrick out of debt with one game. While there he encounters a young girl who claims to be his daughter, her presence triggers something in Patrick. His dislike of who he has become and a chance to make a life with a daughter he never knew makes him realize that he must make a new start. Even when he has victory over "Baltimore Red" in his sights, he walks away vowing to start a new life but a past associate believes this decision would ruin them and in a fit of rage shoots him only minutes after the Kennedy assasination.

Rush feels a connection to this case and how it in someways relates to her and her father. Rush confronts her father about the fact he has still never told his family that she exists and finally asks him why he left her.

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