Episode 4.08 : Lights. Camera. A**hole

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Episode Premiere

February 27, 2011




Comedy, Drama

Show Period

2007 - 2014

Production Company

Aggressive Med., Showtime, Twilight Time, And Then

Cast and Crew


Adam Bernstein


Tom Kapinos

Main Cast


Hank Moody takes a job rewriting dialogue for a new blockbuster zombie sequel Slowly We Rot 2, helmed by an increasingly frustrated director (TODD LOUISO) and starring Sasha Bingham (ADDISON TIMLIN). He leaves the set after receiving a tip from bandmate Pearl (ZOE KRAVITZ) that Becca has ditched school and is now drunk. At the hotel bar that night, Hank meets a sexy "age-appropriate" woman (CALLIE THORNE) who turns out to be even closer to Sasha than Hank, which may lead to Hank getting fired from his lucrative new gig…

Karen takes Marcy (to a clinic, where Marcy wrestles with whether or not to terminate her pregnancy. Marcy lets Stu Beggs know that she's pregnant, but before she can explain whose baby it is, he cuts her off, overjoyed to learn that he's going to be a father. Meanwhile, Charlie is caught in a compromising situation with real estate agent Peggy (MELISSA STEPHENS), who, as Charlie soon finds out, is quite "adventurous" in the bedroom.

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