Episode 4.02 : Suicide Solution

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Episode Premiere

January 16, 2011




Comedy, Drama

Show Period

2007 - 2014

Production Company

Aggressive Med., Showtime, Twilight Time, And Then

Cast and Crew


David Duchovny


Tom Kapinos

Main Cast


Houseguest Hank Moody is literally starting to make Marcy sick, especially after she wakes up in bed with him. Hank and the dirty black Porsche need a jumpstart from a less-than-thrilled Karen making him even later for his meeting with attorney Abby (CARLA GUGINO), who is already beginning to question Hank's commitment to (and her involvement in) Hank's case. Later, Hank and Becca's trip to a guitar shop run by Zakk Wylde does little to bridge the father-daughter rift.

Charlie takes Hank to meet with starlet Sasha Bingham (ADDISON TIMLIN) and imbalanced Oscar-winning actor Eddie Nero (ROB LOWE), who might play the Hank role for the upcoming movie, but the meeting ends with Hank hiding in Sasha's hotel bathroom. Back at Runkle Haus, Hank self-medicates and sets out to write an apology letter to Becca, but the sleeping pills and booze have a devastating effect and Hank never finishes the letter.

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