Episode 1.01 : House Rules-Anniversary

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

September 25, 2009




Drama, Comedy

Show Period

2009 - 2009

Production Company

Sony Pictures Television, Tantamount

Cast and Crew

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Jazsmin Lewis
  • Shvona Lavette


Having lost his independence, Mike tries to adjust to life in his parents' home. When his date spends the night, she runs into his mom the next morning. This propels Adele to set specific house rules for her very grown sons. As all the family members try to find their way living together again as adults, Mike and Chill are taken aback at their new assigned daily chores and strict limitations on overnight guests. Chill has found ways around the house rules and enjoys watching Mike squirm.

Meanwhile, Coach forgets his and Adele's anniversary and lands in the doghouse, forcing him to come up with a creative way to make it up to her.

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