Black Box

Episode 1.06 : Forget Me

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

May 29, 2014





Show Period

2014 - 2014

Production Company

Bold Films, Sierra-Engine Television

Cast and Crew


Eric Stoltz


Amy Holden Jones

Main Cast

  • Kelly Reilly as Dr. Catherine Black
  • Ditch Davey
  • David Ajala
  • Ali Wong
  • Laura Fraser
  • David Chisum
  • Siobhan Williams
  • Terry Kinney
  • Vanessa Redgrave as Dr. Hartramph

Additional Cast

  • Aja Naomi King
  • Tasso Feldman
  • Audrey Esparza
  • Olivia Birkelund


Catherine and Joshua have different ideas about how the past unfolded after their father made the decision to leave them. Hunter Black, a popular jazz musician overseas, is ready to reconnect with his family. Catherine is reluctant to let him back into her life. He left her and Joshua the day of their mother's funeral. Her Aunt Sissy raised her. She only saw her dad sporadically throughout the years. Dr. Hartramph lets Catherine know that she must figure out what to do with the anger she holds for her father.

Leo is recovering from brain surgery. He's itching to get back to the Cube. Ali isn't sure he's ready, judging by the confused conversations he's having. Bickman gives Leo a baseline memory test. It doesn't go well. Leo can't come back to work yet. His hopes of being a neurosurgeon are in serious jeopardy. Catherine can't believe how insensitive Bick is. She tells him that fixing Leo's head while breaking his heart makes him a lousy man and a lousy doctor.

A decorated soldier, Captain Joseph Moran, is struggling with life after having his arm amputated. He claims he would have rather died in Afghanistan instead of living like he is now. Catherine vows to relieve the phantom pain in his missing limb. She has Joshua build a contraption that helps trick Captain Moran's brain into thinking he has a good arm. This will help his pain eventually disappear. Bickman has a virtual reality device that will do the same thing in a much cooler way.

Beatrice is a legally blind woman who took a tumble off a mountain. She claims she can see things quite clearly since the fall. These visions are not really there, but they do make her happy. She has a syndrome that uses hallucinations to fill the void of what the mind misses. What she has isn't a disease. It's a gift.

Will realizes Delilah will sue him if he fires her. She claims that he said that he loved her. In other news, Bickman stops the elevator to have a chat with Catherine about what she deems their "meaningless sex" adventure a few weeks back. He thinks she wants him to touch her again. When he approaches, Catherine doesn't pull away initially. She starts the elevator before things go too far. Later, Catherine shows up at the club where her father is playing. Her dad sees her, but she doesn't stay inside.

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