Betty White's Off Their Rockers

Episode 1.12 : Episode 12

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Episode Premiere

May 23, 2012


Lifetime, NBC



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2012 - Now

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NBC Universal Media Studios

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Main Cast


Betty White's posse of sassy senior citizens is back on the street, pulling more funny pranks on the younger generation. Actor and comedian Rob Schneider gets in on the fun this week, guest starring as Betty's shrink, while her pranksters are busy trying to recruit a male friend for a "bromance," offering "free creepy backrubs" to pedestrians walking by and trying a little too hard to prevent littering. Also this week, a man gives citations to mall shoppers for absurd violations, and two old ladies try to interest a young man in a "senior sandwich." As star of the series, the delightful Betty White shares her comical pearls of wisdom and stars in engaging and funny sketches between the pranks.

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