Better Off Ted

Episode 2.05 : The Great Repression

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Episode Premiere

January 01, 2010





Show Period

2009 - 2010

Production Company

20th Century Fox Television

Cast and Crew


Reggie Hudlin


Becky Mann, Audra Sielaaf

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Merrin Dungey
  • Jake Dogias
  • Jennifer Irwin
  • Jerry Kernion
  • Said Farid
  • Chistina Ferraro
  • Kristi Clainos
  • Wilmer Calderon


Linda is accused of sexually harassing another Veridian employee. She was trying to comfort a woman named Sheila who was grieving over the recent death of her cat. When Linda tried to give Sheila a consoling hug, her head ended up pressed against Sheila's breasts. It happens. Ted says, "That doesn't sound so sexual. It was just a hug that drifted boobwardly."

Ted tries to smooth things over with Sheila. He suggests that Sheila and Linda get to know each other better. Perhaps they could go out after work. Ted could come, too. Sounds like a plan, right? Wrong. Sheila takes this to mean that Ted wants to have a threesome. So he gets reported for sexual harassment as well. Whoops.

Lem and Phil are bummed to learn that Chumly, their favorite robotic chemical spill technician, is being forced into retirement. He's being replaced by Carlos, a much taller, much more human worker who is always armed with a mop. Chumly is sent to down to the basement to be broken down and used for parts. When Lem and Phil find him, Chumly is a shell of the robot he used to be. Undaunted, Phil says, "I fixed my marriage with mechanical attachments...I can fix THIS!"

Our favorite lab boys manage to reassemble Chumly. At first, all seems well. Chumly is as sucky as ever when come to cleaning up spills. But something is different. Something has changed. Chumly spews the coffee he just sucked up skyward into Lem's face. He then whirls around the floor in a very erratic, very un-Chumly-like way. Be afraid, boys. Be very afraid!

Phil and Lem make a pact to get Chumly back to the robot he once was. But it's too late. Chumly is out of control. He violently latches onto Phil's foot. It's man versus machine and machine is winning until another man enters the room. A man with a mop. Carlos takes aim at Chumly and whacks him into submission with the business end of his corporately-assigned cleaning device. Phil survives. Chumly does not.

Veronica has a plan. If sexual harassment is treated as a disease, no one can be fired and the company can't be sued. Once the people of Veridian realize they won't be disciplined for their predatory advances, they start to flirt more. When one Veridian deviant (we'll call him a Verdeviant for short) tries to harass Linda, she harasses him right back...hard. And by hard, we mean she insults his manhood to the point where the guy is completely shattered.

All the uninhibited flirting now playing in just about every office cubicle is affecting productivity. All the sweating and grinding that's taking place is a bit of a turn on for Ted and Veronica. They share a passionate kiss which ends abruptly when Ted's daughter, Rose, pops into the room. The moment is gone.

When a Verdeviant tries to sexually harass Sheila, Linda gives him a nifty little wedgie that sends him spinning away in pain. Sheila is so impressed by Linda's heroics that she decides to drop all charges. And thanks to their experience with Rose, Ted and Veronica arrange to have the children from Rose's after-care class parade through the office at random times during the day. Their theory is that nothing kills someone's sex drive faster than having kids around. Of course, a well-executed wedgie also does the trick.

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