Accidentally on Purpose

Episode 1.16 : Face Off

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

April 07, 2010




Drama, Comedy

Show Period

2009 - 2010

Production Company

BermanBraun, CBS Paramount Network Television

Cast and Crew


Ted Wass


Jenn Lloyd, Kevin Bonani

Main Cast

Additional Cast


Zack feels Billie has no faith in him when she hires a baby nurse (that her mother is paying for) without consulting him first. Nicole, the very attractive baby nurse, is baby proofing the house and taking care of Billie's pregnancy related needs, while Zack is sulking about her not consulting him. Billie, Zack, Olivia and Abby go to Furniken, to return their inferior changing table for a better one per Nicole's advice while Ryan and Davis hang out at their house to watch March Madness on the special sports channels Zack ordered. At Furniken, Zack and Billie wait endlessly on a line to return and Billie freaks out at two older ladies she thought stole her ticket number. Abby, feeling useless at work pretends to be a salesperson at Furniken and helps many customers. Olivia settles into one of their elaborate living room set ups, pretending it is all real and questioning the choices she has made in her life. Eventually they both get in trouble with security. Meanwhile at the house Nicole, admits she is a sex addict and proposes a three-way to Davis and Ryan. Billia and Zack have a heart to heart and decide they don't need a baby nurse; they can do it themselves, and that he will prove to her that she can count on him. When Billie and Zack come home, having not returned the changing table they discover Ryan and Davis blindfolded and in their underwear. Caught in the act they admit the pending three-way with Nicole. Nicole will be fired by Billie without reservation now.

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