Accidentally on Purpose

Episode 1.02 : Memento

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Episode Premiere

September 28, 2009




Drama, Comedy

Show Period

2009 - 2010

Production Company

BermanBraun, CBS Paramount Network Television

Cast and Crew


Pamela Fryma


Gregg Mettler

Main Cast

Additional Cast


After realizing she knows shockingly little about Zack, Billie sets out to learn more about him. When she approaches him, Zack is on his way out and is too busy to talk, so Billie tosses his room and finds some unsettling information. She discovers a photo of her taken before the two of them met, as well as a note to her that starts off with "This is really hard for me to say..." but doesn't go further than that. With her friend Olivia and sister Abby in tow, Billie plays detective and discovers that Zack had taken the picture of her during a game of "barstool roulette," in which a participant is spun on a bar chair, takes a random picture and must try and hook up with the person in the picture.

Later, at a doctor appointment for the baby, Billie expects to confront Zack about both the picture and the note, only to be told by the doctor that Zack is leaving town to go to culinary school. Disappointed, Billie returns home and finds Zack waiting for her there. He explains that he had intentionally taken the picture of her because she was hot, and that he couldn't go through with leaving her alone with the baby.

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