'Til Death

Episode 2.01 : Performance Anxiety

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Episode Premiere

September 19, 2007


Fox TV



Show Period

2006 - 2010

Production Company

Sony Pictures TV

Cast and Crew


James Widdoes


Ilana Wernick

Main Cast

Additional Cast


After attending a birthday party for Steph, Eddie decides it's time to confront Joy about some of her more irritating habits. Specifically, her singing in public and gratuitous displays of cleavage. Joy fires back that Eddie has his own irritating quirks, such as repeating the same terrible jokes.

Jeff blunders when he gives Steph a watch for her birthday. The watch was supposed to be her reward for finally finishing her thesis. Steph sets out to prove to Jeff that she can finish the thesis.

Eddie and Joy find out from the Woodcocks that both of their behavior is a little odd and the two make an effort to change. But at the retirement party for another teacher, Eddie sees the error of his ways and convinces Joy to aid the teacher's wife in singing a song for her husband.

Steph also wraps up her thesis and can now enjoy the watch.

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