The 100

Episode 1.07 : Contents Under Pressure

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

April 30, 2014




Drama, Sci-Fi

Show Period

2014 - Now

Production Company

Alloy Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television

Cast and Crew


John Showalter


Akela Cooper, Kira Snyder

Main Cast

  • Eliza Taylor
  • Paige Turco
  • Thomas McDonell
  • Eli Goree
  • Marie Avgeropoulos
  • Kelly Hu as Callie "Cece" Cartwig
  • Christopher Larkin
  • Devon Bostick as Jasper
  • Isaiah Washington as Chancellor Jaha
  • Henry Ian Cusick

Additional Cast

  • Kate Vernon
  • Lindsey Morgan


Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Raven (guest star Lindsey Morgan) make contact with the Ark, and Abby (Paige Turco) guides Clarke through a dangerous procedure in a desperate move to save one of their own. Meanwhile, on the Ark, Abby is removed from the council, and former Chancellor Diana Sydney (guest star Kate Vernon) takes her place. Jaha (Isaiah Washington) reveals to Abby that there are not enough drop ships for everyone on the Ark to go down to Earth, and Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) begins to deal with his guilt over his recent decision.

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