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Whitney Port Confirms 'The City' Is Canceled

October 26, 2010 02:10:36

"" spin-off "" has been canceled, according to its star . Rumors of the cancellation started circulating earlier this year, and Port hit Los Angeles DJ 's radio show on Monday morning, October 25 to confirm the bad news. She explained, "As of right now it doesn't really look like we're doing it anymore."

"The City" follows Whitney Port to a whole new world. She packs up and moves from the comforts of her hometown in Los Angeles, California, to the bright lights of Manhattan.


Stephanie Pratt May Move From 'The Hills' to 'The City'

July 06, 2010 10:07:42

apparently is not ready to end her reality TV career. It is reported that the younger sister of is moving to "" because her current starring vehicle "" is going to wrap up for good on Tuesday, July 13. If it is indeed true, then Stephanie would be reunited with the show's stars and .

"Now that 'The Hills' is over, Stephanie has been talking about moving to New York for 'The City'," a source told NY Post. "There would be a lot of drama there because her ex-best friend, Roxy Olin, is a regular on the show - and there's bad blood because Roxy just dropped Stephanie for Whitney Port."


Ken Olin and Daughter to Appear on 'The City'

April 27, 2010 01:04:55

"" star is set to make his reality TV debut, alongside his daughter Roxy on hit U.S. series "". Aspiring actress Roxy Olin, who has guest-starred on her dad's show, appears alongside in the MTV series, about Port's struggle to make it as a fashion designer in New York City.

She insists her dad and actress mother encouraged her to take part in the show to boost her Hollywood career, and now Ken Olin is showing his support by appearing on the series himself.


'The City' Adding Two Vixens to Season 2

June 18, 2009 04:06:57

Absorbing under 2 million viewers in the first season, "" will be revamped by two additional cast. According to the New York Post, MTV will inject the second season of the reality show with two new girls described by the network as "vixens".

, who is the star of the show, was spotted attending Pepsi Natural party at Lily Pond in East Hampton last Saturday, June 13, accompanied by two new "friends". These new faces reportedly will be recurring cast next season. "Their names are Samantha and Roxy, and they are out of control," a source was quoted as saying. Photo of Samantha and Roxy can be seen on NY Post.


'The City' Sneak Peek Presents Whitney Port's Boy Trouble

December 23, 2008 04:12:47

People TV Watch has just got its hands on an exclusive sneak peek of "" spin-off, "". In support of the upcoming debut of the new reality show, the short clip highlights on the building up tension between the two guys who are close to the series' star, .

Giving more on one particular scene shown in the previously-released trailer, the video footage displays the moment Whitney's newest love interest and Australian musician Jay, and her former love interest Alex, come face to face with each other in a club. While the two are sizing each other up, Whitney watches the brawl from the sidelines. The video can be seen via People.


First Look Into Whitney Port's 'The City'

October 22, 2008 03:10:06

A sneak peek into "" spin-off, "", that will follow in her journey to start a new life in Manhattan has been released. The trailer provides highlights on Whitney's life at work, new people that she meets, her love life and the situations that she has to deal with during the adjustment.

The video starts with tearful of "Hills" sending Whitney a goodbye. In the new city, Whitney is greeted by a cheerful friend who said, "I have like an invisible tattoo on my forehead that says 'Make out with me!' and only guys who live on futons can read it."


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