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First Looks at Kim Kardashian and Nancy O'Dell on 'Brothers'

October 05, 2009 04:10:58

A bunch of photos are coming out for the "" episode where guest stars. The single-camera comedy plots the reality star to play herself and to confront the character Michael Trainor about their secret rendezvous that spreads into an Internet rumor.

Kim's photos see her posing for photographers near her life-size cut-board, standing face to face with Trainor and acting as a sexy teacher. Meanwhile, a couple of photos have also made their rounds to give the first look of Nancy O'Dell, who is in the show also as herself. It looks like the correspondent of Access Hollywood is at the same event, digging for information from Trainor himself and Chill.


Kim Kardashian to Confront NFL Boyfriend on 'Brothers'

August 19, 2009 11:08:26

Art imitates life, is going to appear on FOX's new sitcom "" playing herself and facing a similar situation to her real life. According to People, the reality show star who just split from NFL player boyfriend , will confront a former football star Michael Trainor about their secret rendezvous.

Kardashian is going to tape her guest appearance in a "few weeks" with the episode airing in October. Access Hollywood's Nancy O'Dell will also be in the episode, covering and digging the showbiz news about Kardashian and Trainor's alleged affair.


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