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Jim Parsons Wants Rihanna and J.Lo to Guest Star on 'The Big Bang Theory'

March 24, 2015 01:03:13

Working together with and in the animated film "", wanted them both to guest star on his TV series "". Even greater than the idea, he has had in mind what characters that would suit them best.

"Oh, my God, could you imagine?" Parsons told Marck Malkin of E! News during the premiere of "Home". He went on suggesting Rihanna to play the role of "a nuclear physicist." About it, he raved, "She could do it. She could do it. Would she be willing? That's the question." Rihanna herself, in fact, seemed to be open the idea as she told Malkin, "Hell, yeah! He told you that? Tell him I'm in."


Chuck Lorre Pays Tribute to Leonard Nimoy in 'Big Bang Theory' Vanity Card

March 06, 2015 09:03:43

Chuck Lorre remembers by using "" vanity card. At the end of the Thursday, March 5 episode, the series co-creator didn't share his weekly insights like he usually did. Instead, the vanity card featured a picture of the late actor with a caption which read, "The impact you had on our show and our lives is everlasting."


Nathan Fillion to Cameo on 'The Big Bang Theory'

February 03, 2015 03:02:33

"" will be welcoming in its upcoming episode. The 43-year-old actor is set to star as himself on the hit sitcom's February 19 episode.

According to EW.com, Fillion would be set sitting at a restaurant and being spotted by 's Raj and 's Leonard. The two then debate if it's really Fillian or not, and whether or not they should ask him for a picture.


'Big Bang Theory' Boss Talks About Billy Bob Thornton's Surprise Guest Spot

November 01, 2014 10:11:54

"" moved back to its Thursday slot with a big surprise on October 30. The most recent episode of the CBS long-running series featured as a guest star, which was unheard of until the episode aired.

The "" star played Dr. Oliver Lorvis, a urologist who misunderstands Penny's () workplace flirtations and attempts to woo her. On how the cameo came to be, Molaro shares, "A few months ago, we had seen an interview with Billy Bob talking about shows he likes. He was saying how much he likes 'Big Bang Theory', and watches it all the time." He adds, "And we said that's pretty cool - if he likes the show, maybe he'd do it."


Sheldon Goes Pantless and Lands in Trouble in 'Big Bang Theory' Season 8 Photos

September 04, 2014 02:09:03

There are still two weeks before "" returns, but fans can get sneak peeks at the upcoming season 8 in newly-released photos from the first episode. In one of the pictures, Sheldon is seen having a good time in Chicago, taking a selfie with the background of pictures of iconic landmarks in the city.

The fun, however, soon ends as Sheldon lands in trouble that causes him to lose his pants. He stops by a police station before Leonard and Amy pick him up. Meanwhile, Penny who rocks a new short haircut has a job interview.


'Big Bang Theory': Kunal Nayyar and Simon Helberg Sign New Deals, Production Will Resume

August 06, 2014 09:08:56

"" will be back full force. A day after , and closed new deals, supporting stars and have signed new three-year deals as well.

The five original stars were previously in contract dispute with series producer Warner Bros TV as the actors demanded pay raises. Helberg and Nayyar have reportedly secured sizable raises from their $100,000 per episode contract, though they won't be making as much as the three lead actors who will reportedly earn $1 million per episode now.


'Big Bang Theory' Stars Sign New Deals, Get Huge Pay Raise

August 05, 2014 08:08:20

"" fans can now breathe a sigh of relief for their favorite stars will return for at least three more seasons of the show. Following lengthy negotiations, , and have now signed new three-year contracts.

Deadline reports that under the new deals, the three stars get the hefty pay raise that they demanded. They will earn $1 million per episode, almost three times more than their current earnings of $350,000 per episode. They'll also receive a bigger cut of the show's lucrative syndication earnings on TBS.


Production of 'Big Bang Theory' to Resume Next Wednesday

August 02, 2014 10:08:06

The production of "" was halted earlier this week due to a contract dispute with some of the series' stars. However, fans of the CBS sitcom don't have to worry as Deadline has reported that the production is now scheduled to resume this coming Wednesday, August 6.

The delay was announced by Warner Bros. TV on Wednesday, July 30, the same day , and among others were supposed to return from their summer hiatus for a table reading of the first episode for the show's eighth season.


Production of 'Big Bang Theory' Delayed due to Contract Dispute

August 01, 2014 03:08:12

The production of "" has been delayed due to a contract dispute with some of its stars. The news was announced by Warner Bros. TV on Wednesday, July 30, the same day the actors were scheduled to return from their summer hiatus for a table reading of the first episode for the show's eighth season.

"Due to ongoing contract negotiations, production on 'The Big Bang Theory' - which was originally scheduled to begin today - has been postponed," the studio said in a statement. There's still no word on when the show will resume its production.


'Big Bang Theory' Season 8 Production on Hold Amid Contract Dispute

July 31, 2014 09:07:24

Production on the upcoming eighth season of "" is postponed as contract negotiations with the five original cast members drag on. Warner Bros. TV, which produces the hit sitcom, confirms the delay.

"Due to ongoing contract negotiations, production on 'The Big Bang Theory'-which was originally scheduled to begin today-has been postponed," the studio says in a statement. The production was scheduled to kick off Wednesday, July 31, but , , , and , who have been seeking hefty pay raises, remain without new contracts.


'Big Bang Theory' Stars Haven't Signed New Contracts Nearing Production Start Date

July 17, 2014 10:07:35

"" production start is in limbo as contract negotiations with the original cast stall. Stars , , , and still have no deals to return to the show, two weeks before the scheduled start date for the production on season 8 on July 30.

Sources say the two sides are still far apart and there has been no movement in the negotiations, which began in September last year. The five actors seek hefty pay raises after their co-stars and inked new deals that gave them substantial salary increases.


'The Big Bang Theory' and 'The Good Wife' Banned in Chinese

April 28, 2014 09:04:12

Chinese government has once again limited its citizens' access to American entertainment. The Associated Press reports that authorities have banned four popular TV shows from video streaming websites in the Asian country.

A spokeswoman for Youku confirms that it has received notification to remove hit sitcom "", legal drama "", popular crime drama "" and legal drama "The Practice". Among all four series, Youku only offered "The Good Wife".


'Big Bang Theory' Joins Forces With Lucasfilm to Celebrate 'Star Wars' Day

April 03, 2014 01:04:44

"" partners with Lucasfilm for an epic "Star Wars" episode set to air May 1, just in time for the annual May 4 "Star Wars" Day. For the episode, a group of special effects technicians from Lucasfilm's Industrial Light & Magic will help the show recreate Dagobah.

Dagobah is the remote world surrounded by swamps and forest where Yoda lived in exile. The Lucasfilm technicians will also provide props for the episode, including a light saber. They will consult on the episode and the final touches will be completed at Lucasfilm's San Francisco headquarters.


'The Big Bang Theory' Renewed for Three More Seasons by CBS

March 13, 2014 10:03:03

CBS has given a vote of confidence to Emmy-winning comedy "". The network has renewed the top-rated show for three more seasons, bringing it through the 2016-2017 TV season.

"Comedy is a big part of our schedule, and The Big Bang Theory is the biggest comedy force on television," says Nina Tassler, Chairman, CBS Entertainment, when announcing the multi-year broadcast renewal.


First Look: Bob Newhart Faces Off Bill Nye in 'Big Bang Theory' Photo

October 24, 2013 03:10:35

A Bob Newhart vs. Bill Nye storyline on "" has been teased in a first-look photo from the show. Making its way out via Entertainment Weekly, it hints at an awkward moment that may be seen as tension arises between the two guest stars' characters, who are featured staring at each other with intense looks in the image.

The clash begins as Professor Proton (Newhart) reaches out to Leonard () seeking help for an experiment. When Sheldon (), a fan of Proton's, finds out, he retaliates by befriending Proton's TV host rival, Nye.


'The Big Bang Theory' to Pit Bob Newhart Against Bill Nye

October 03, 2013 02:10:44

Fresh off his Emmy win for his guest-starring role on "", Bob Newhart is billed to return to the hit comedy series. The veteran actor will be joined by Bill Nye the Science Guy, who will play his rival scientist on an upcoming episode set to air November 7.

On the said outing, Newhart will reprise his role as Professor Proton, Sheldon's childhood hero. This time, he contacts Leonard to ask for help with an experiment. A scorned Sheldon seeks revenge by befriending a rival TV science host, Nye.


'Big Bang Theory' Stars Seeking Pay Raises After Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch Huge Bumps

September 20, 2013 09:09:14

"" five original stars are asking for more money for their roles on the hit CBS series. Deadline reports that , , , and are seeking for big pay raises after and got major salary bumps.

Parsons, Galecki and Cuoco are reportedly negotiating in a group seeking equal pay, while Helberg and Nayyar are in another group. Lead actors Galecki, Parsons and Cuoco, who are now making $350,000 an episode, are expected to get at least $500,000 per episode after the salary negotiations and to sign on for another two seasons.


'Big Bang Theory' Casts 'Raising Hope' Actress as Raj's Possible Love Interest

January 31, 2013 01:01:32

Raj, the only geek who is still single on "", will seemingly get lovestruck soon. The CBS sitcom has cast "" star Kate Micucci as Lucy, who is said to be a possible love interest for 's alter ego.

Details of Micucci's character are still kept under wraps, but The Hollywood Reporter says that she will appear in multiple episodes. She will be first featured in Valentine's Day episode titled "The Tangible Affection Proof".


'The Big Bang Theory' 6.14 Preview: Sheldon Answers the Burning Question

January 29, 2013 03:01:00

One of the biggest mysteries on "" is about to be revealed in an upcoming episode. A promo for the next outing sees Penny asking Sheldon whether he will ever sleep with Amy or not.

Judging from Penny's reaction, Sheldon doesn't shy away from the personal topic and is likely giving an answer to the burning question. It's, however, seemingly still long before Sheldon gets very intimate with Amy since he's not comfortable when she hugs him tightly.


Leonard and Penny May Get Engaged in 'The Big Bang Theory' Valentine's Day Episode

January 16, 2013 03:01:48

After dating on and off since the third season of "", Leonard and Penny may take their relationship to the next level in this currently airing sixth season. According to who plays the experimental physicist, the couple will have a special moment in the upcoming Valentine's Day episode.

"Next week we start shooting the Valentine's Day episode," the Emmy-nominated actor tells The Hollywood Reporter. He goes on hinting at a possible engagement of the couple as saying, "It's a big one for Leonard and Penny - there might be somebody getting down on one knee."


'Big Bang' Cast Get Big Pay Raise

September 16, 2010 03:09:54

'Big Bang Theory' Promo of Season 4

September 06, 2010 03:09:56

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