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'The Beautiful Life' Revived on YouTube

December 17, 2009 04:12:27

Thanks to HP and YouTube, "" gets a second chance at life. The axed drama show will air the two episodes that The CW scheduled to air but did not eventually, plus the three episodes that went into production but never ran.

Unlike the initial plan to air the unseen episodes on The CW this Summer, it will now be revived on the popular video-sharing website starting Monday, December 21. According to Reuters, the first two episodes that managed to air on the network would be re-aired on YouTube starting this Thursday without commercial breaks.


'The Beautiful Life' Revived for Summer 2010

November 16, 2009 09:11:01

"" on the runway is not so dead after all. The circulating rumor that the canceled series will be revived by The CW for summer 2010 has been confirmed by the Facebook team of the drama.

Although the words have surfaced since Friday, November 13, the official announcement was only made on Sunday. "We have somewhat good news. The CW will plan 2 air the remaining episodes of The Beautiful Life: TBL in America's Summer Period," read the message. "The bad news is there is still no plans of renewing The Beautiful Life. But that might change during the Months, or this year."


Petition Started to Bring Back 'The Beautiful Life'

September 28, 2009 01:09:04

While executive producer prefers to remain mum about the cancellation of "", actor took it to his Twitter to express his disappointment toward the decision. To his fans, the 20-year-old even posted a link that accommodates signatures as a petition to keep the show alive.

"I want to say thanks to all who were fans of and supported The Beautiful Life," he wrote. "I had a wonderful experience with a talented crew & cast! I look forward to other challenging opportunities that lay ahead and that will help me to continue to grow as an artist. God bless & Gdnite."


'The Beautiful Life' Gets the Axe

September 26, 2009 09:09:41

The new fall season has claimed its first casualty with the cancellation of "". Although 13 episodes have been ordered for the first season, The CW on Friday, September 25 confirmed that it has opted to pull the plug on the -produced drama series after airing only two episodes.

The show chronicling the lives of young models in the fast lane has been pulled off the schedule effective immediately. Production of the show has been shut down. Despite the fact that the series has been filmed to its seventh episode, the network has no plans to air any of the remaining finished episodes.


'The Beautiful Life' 1.03 Preview: The Beautiful Lie

September 24, 2009 01:09:03

"" will return next Wednesday, September 30. While a racy photo forces Sonja to consider quitting the modeling business, Claudia secures a campaign for a major clothing line for Raina and Cole due to the chemistry between the two.

But, Raina struggles with the public image she must maintain with Cole since her true feelings are for Chris. Making things worse, her family drama finds its way back into her life and she finally faces her father.


'The Beautiful Life' 1.02 Preview: Girls and Dirty Tricks

September 17, 2009 10:09:18

In the next "", the girls are not afraid to play dirty on each other. Marissa accuses Sonja of stealing the Versace campaign from her and decides to seek revenge in a very public way, which leads Sonja to Cole for assistance.

Meanwhile, Chris believes his chances at a modeling career are over and prepares to leave New York City until he receives a surprise phone call from Claudia. Claudia informs Raina that she needs to focus more on her career and less on her new relationship with Chris.


Demi Moore May Appear on Ashton Kutcher's 'The Beautiful Life'

August 31, 2009 03:08:34

allegedly will guest star on The CW's "" where serves as an executive producer. Demi's character, as reported by Daily Mail, would be an ex-model obsessed with plastic surgery, a trait which is based on real-life model .

In taking the role, Demi took a careful step which would not damage her career. "Demi has turned down a lot of TV shows over the years, including ," said a source. "But she completely trusts Ashton. The plan is for her to play a recurring guest role so that she can keep coming back."


Idea of 'Beautiful Life' and 'Gossip Girl' Crossover Made

August 21, 2009 09:08:43

The producers of two TV shows on The CW have talked about an idea of crossover. Mike Kelley from "" admitted that he has pitched in an idea to Stephanie Savage of "" to have the characters from their respective shows crossing paths someday.

Since "TBL" is taking place in New York City, it would be easier for the models to bump into the Upper East Siders who are now enrolling in Universities. "My idea-since these things happen-there are blackouts," Mike revealed. "The idea is that we have two shows that exist in the same city, and if our cast is on the subway, and their cast is on the subway, and then the subway shuts down."


Models of 'The Beautiful Life' Posing Naked

August 20, 2009 10:08:05

Released via and 's Twitters are the bold promotional posters of "". Featuring four of its main characters, the posters display them wearing nothing but their bodies with the tag of "What are you looking at?".

The girls pictured on the promotional efforts are who plays Raina and who is Marissa on the show. "Thought you guys would dig this," Ashton who is the executive producer of the new CW show wrote. His wife meanwhile released the guys version, putting the pictures of who plays Chris and who plays Isaac. "Well hubby @aplusk I think I prefer these of Ben and Corbin," Demi wrote.


Jamie Murray Plays the Cougar on 'The Beautiful Life'

August 18, 2009 11:08:50

One scandal to look forward to on "" is the age-inappropriate liaison between 's Isaac and an older female. The show has found the actress who will lure Isaac into her nest, signing the Lila Tournay of "", Jamie Murray, to star as Vivienne.

Vivienne is a wardrobe stylist who sets her sight on Isaac, one of the young models trying to create their existence in the super competitive world of fashion in New York City. The character will appear for a multiepisode arc in the first season that kicks off September 16 at 9/8c.


New Mischa Barton Pic on 'The Beautiful Life'

August 04, 2009 09:08:26

is definitely back on track to film "". The CW has just released a proof, posting a picture of her filming a scene with . Her character is a troubled model named Sonja who is struggling to survive in the constantly moving fashion world. MacPherson, meanwhile, is an owner of a top agency model.

The production of "TBL" was kicked off on Friday, July 31. Mischa, who was hospitalized for unknown reason, was already in Manhattan days prior to film her part. Her co-star said, "We had our first read-through (Wednesday) and we're all so very excited to have her back. She's such a great girl."


Mischa Barton in Shape for July 31 Filming of 'Beautiful Life'

July 29, 2009 10:07:08

, according to her rep, is in great shape to return working on "". The actress, who plays a troubled model named Sonja on the show, has been discharged from hospital this week, and she is just in time to be in New York City and join the other cast for a filming on Friday, July 31.

"She's back to business as usual," he rep told People. However, Barton will be absent from TV Critics Association summer tour that begins this week in Los Angeles. The CW announced, "Due to the production schedule , and will be the only actors at TCA from The Beautiful Life."


Mischa Barton Will Report Back to 'The Beautiful Life'

July 22, 2009 02:07:18

Whether 's health concern will affect her stint on "" is clarified by her publicist. Craig Schneider released a statement to The Associated Press on Tuesday, July 21 that the actress is "still seeking treatment but making improvements," and thus will be able to go back to work in time.

Schneider refused to go beyond the status of Barton's health but said that she will report to work later this month. Furthermore, a spokesman from The CW also confirmed that the production wheel will go in motion starting July 31, just in time for Barton to catch up.


Mischa Barton's 'The Beautiful Life: TBL' Delayed a Week

July 20, 2009 10:07:16

's upcoming drama series "" is facing a delay. According to The Hollywood Reporter (THR), the start of production for the newest television series by The CW network has been pushed back a week from its original schedule on Wednesday, July 22, to Friday, July 31.

Explaining the reason behind the postponing of the production, the publication ruled out Barton's widely publicized meltdown which resulted on her being placed under an involuntary psychiatric hold at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Instead, THR claimed insiders have pointed out that the delay happened because some of the sets for the show were not completed on time.


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