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'Awake' 1.02 Preview: Rex Is Held Hostage

March 02, 2012 01:03:49

Britten insists on maintaining his double life in order to keep both of his wife and son alive on "", but one of his loved ones will be put in danger in the second episode. Rex is held hostage by a guy, who tells Britten to do what he says. Taking a benefit from the connection between the two worlds he lives in, Britten tries to get a clue as to where his son is taken by meeting a man in prison in another world.

Meanwhile, Britten finds that the two cases he handles in different realities are both linked to a "small guy." When his sudden interest in the height of the suspects he's investigating draws concern from his captain (guest star ), she will be monitoring him.


Creator Compares Making 'Awake' to Solving Rubik's Cube

March 01, 2012 10:03:48

Shepherding a show about a man who lives in two different realities brings a big challenge to the showrunners. In a recent interview with Zap2it, "" creator Kyle Killen admits that making the new series is "like solving a Rubik's cube every week, but first you have to make it, then solve it."

"It's been extraordinarily complex to piece together stories that feel like a weekly puzzle," he continues sharing his experience in presenting the drama series, which maintains a not-so-high-concept so that viewers will still be able to follow it. "But it's also been really rewarding when we get that right."


First 7 Minutes of NBC's New Series 'Awake' Address the Strange Twist

February 14, 2012 03:02:56

To hype up the anticipated premiere of "", NBC has previewed the first seven minutes of the first episode. It opens with a car accident involving main character Detective Michael Britten, his wife Hannah, and son Rex.

The accident fractures his life into two competing realities: one in which Rex survived while Hannah is dead, and the other in which Hannah survived but Rex did not. Trying to keep both his loved ones alive, Michael starts living a "double life", dealing with different personal conflicts.


NBC Sets 'Awake' Debut to Replace 'The Firm' on Thursdays

February 04, 2012 08:02:54

After struggling in ratings for weeks since it was debuted in early January, "" has lost its coveted slot on NBC. The network has announced that new series "" will take over the Thursday, 10/9c slot from the low-rated legal drama, scheduling the premiere of the -starrer on March 1.

"The Firm" will continue airing new episodes on Saturdays at 9 P.M. beginning February 11. In the meantime, repeats of fantasy crime drama "" will fill the "Firm" Thursday timeslot until "Awake" premieres.


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