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TV Series


Sci-Fi, Mystery, Drama

Director :

J.J. Abrams

Starring :

Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Lance Reddick, Blair Brown, Jasika Nicole, Seth Gabel


Label : Varese Sarabande
Release Date : April 20, 2010
Composer : Michael Giacchino, Chris Tilton, Chad Seiter


1Fringe Main Title Theme
- J.J. Abrams
2Logan's Run
- Chad Seiter
3The Bishop of Essex County
- Michael Giacchino
4Transfusion Triumph
- Chad Seiter
5Steig on the Run
- Chad Seiter
6I See Frozen People
- Michael Giacchino
7Waking Strife
- Chad Seiter
8Why Can't I Be Goo?
- Chad Seiter
9The Shocking Dead
- Chad Seiter
10The Chess Club
- Chad Seiter
11The Equation
- Chad Seiter
12The Dreamscape
- Chad Seiter
13The Light Fantastic
- Chad Seiter
14Gurney for Your Thoughts
- Chris Tilton
15Masters of the Multiverse
- Chris Tilton
16Now That's Just Nicked Up
- Chris Tilton
17Simultaneous Combustion
- Chris Tilton
18Sanford and Shunned
- Chris Tilton
19A Destroyed Life
- Chad Seiter
20Keeping up with the Jones
- Chris Tilton
21There's More than One of Everything
- Chris Tilton
22Connecting the Fringe-Cidents
- Chris Tilton
23Reiden out the Storm
- Chris Tilton
24All Along the Bell Towers
- Chris Tilton


Label : Varese Sarabande
Release Date : May 03, 2011
Composer : Chris Tilton


1A New Day in the Old Town
2Good Ol' Charlie
3The Coma-naut
4Hypnotic Suggestions
5Observers Everywhere Everytime
6Love and Death on Observer Island
7What a Gas
8Forest of Dreams
9Where Dunham Fears to Tread
10The Building Theft
11The Window Of Opportunity
12Reiden Out to Madness
13Doppelganger Up on Reality
14Breach to the Choir
15Olivia's Cross to Share
16Over There
17The Son Also Rises
18Devastation Nation
19Saved by the Belly
20Haste Makes Wasteland
21Quibbles and Fits
22Doubled Over
23Love in the Time of Crossing Over
24Bells and Missiles
25Give My Regards to Fraudway
26End Title Theme
- Michael Giacchino
27Fringe 85 [bonus track]
- J.J. Abrams
28Red Russian Down [bonus track]
29Brown Betty Suite [bonus track]


Label : Varese Sarabande
Release Date : October 30, 2012
Composer : Chris Tilton


1The Skill of the Chase
2A Protest in September
3Born Again Fishin'
4Where the Son Doesn't Shine
5Don't Follow the Money
6Shut Your Worm Hole
7Enemy of My Enemy
8The House of Forgotten Dreams
9The End of All Things
10Together Again for the Very First Time
11Funeral While It Lasted
12To Betray or Not to Betray
13The Future Is How
14Letters of Transit
15The Satanic Observers
16The Sacrificial Stance
17What's the Etta With You?
18The Singularity Is Upon Us
19From One Universe to Another
20Shining a Satellite on the Problem
21Don't Cross the Beams
22Telekinetic Energy
23Kicking Some Astrid
24Brave New World
25The Time Traveler's Strife
26Support of Call
27Biblical Distortions
28Regeneration X
29The Nine Lives of Olivia Dunham


Label : Varese Sarabande
Release Date : June 25, 2013
Composer : Chris Tilton


1Searching for Olivia Dunham
2Pity the Cruel
3The Recordist
4Orificial Intelligence
5Dust in the Windmark
6Mo'Etta Blues
7The Cube Tube
8An Origin Story
9The Garden of Live Ettas
10A Dish Best Served Cold
11The Human Kind
12The Burning Book
13Donald in the Game
14Father and Father You Go
15Terror Incognito
16Olivia's Crossover to Bear
17Mobius Maker
18Era Envy
19When Push Comes to Dove
20Paradox, So Close
21Of Cows and Men
22Biological War Farewell
23The Resetting Son
24Finale End Credits

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