'American Idol' Reject James Durbin Didn't Like Lady GaGa's Hands-On Mentoring

May 14, 2011 14:34:50 GMT

James Durbin has taken aim at Lady GaGa for trying to sexy-up his performance of 'Love Potion No. 9' performance on the show, insisting the encounter with the pop superstar was 'awkward'.

'American Idol' Reject James Durbin Didn't Like Lady GaGa's Hands-On Mentoring
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Lady GaGa was called in to mentor the final four contestants in the competition and showed up in heavy make-up, skimpy attire and shoes featuring glass penises as heels.

Her raunchy advice clearly upset James Durbin and Christian country singer Scotty McCreery - and the ousted wannabe has now spoken out about his brush with GaGa, admitting he felt her hands-on approach was over the top.

The "Poker Face" singer surprised the "American Idol" contestant when he refused to wiggle his hips like Elvis Presley, at her request, during a pres-show performance of the song by getting behind him, clutching his jeans and sensually weaving with him.

He tells Life & Style magazine, "I didn't like it. It was unexpected and very uncomfortable. To sum it up in one word: awkward!"


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posted by Jenni on Jun 20, 2011
posted by Jenni on Jun 20, 2011
They are both to blame. (Attention)He should of never waited until he got kick of to bring it up. He is ingaged. Thats not cool at all for her to put her nasty a** hands on him in the 1st place. They are both good a sing thats a given...
posted by Lee on Jun 20, 2011
The only reason he even said anything in the first place is because he's ingaged and if you where where his wife would you want that hooker tuching your man. And James is just to blame to he didn't say anything until it was already aired on television and he couldn't do anything about it he's just trying to get attention.
posted by IdolFan on Jun 11, 2011
Good for him for listening to the mentors and then deciding for himself what he feels is right.I'm glad he didnt kiss her butt.Anyone can dress like a fool or act nasty on stage for attention.Love James!!!!!
posted by shadow on Jun 10, 2011
Gaga is a superstar, but everything a superstar does doesn't always fit for everyone. If he felt it awkward, then it was awkward for him. That's all.
posted by katrina on May 17, 2011
posted by Jo C on May 15, 2011
If that was awkward for you, you don't belong in show business.
posted by jhun on May 15, 2011
ohh!its so was so great....
posted by AI Fan on May 15, 2011
Think logically, people. The reason James was saying its awkward was because he is ENGAGED! Would you want YOUR girl/guy to be feeled up by a young female superstar? really! Anyway, JAMES IS SO GOOD. Sad he was eliminated-haley and scotty are one trick ponies...hope LAUREN will win! Please, AI, if you threw out the real Idol (James), then PLEASE give it to Lauren. She has the best talent now! And I AM a teenager "bopper".
posted by biteme on May 15, 2011
Ok, so if you really think Gaga is untalented, then you're the dumbest moron I've ever met. Gaga can play the piano, write music, SING LIVE, dance, perform, etc. Now tell me that's not talent. She doesn't have class? MOST OF THE GIRLS IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY DOES NOT HAVE CLASS. Are you kidding ME!? Gaga is over the top, ok, I get it, but her fans WANT that. You haters mean NOTHING to her, and she only cares about the opinion of her fans. See what happens if you don't listen to Gaga? YOU GET BOOTED OFF. Sucks for you.
posted by patti on May 15, 2011
If he didnt like it, he should have said something to her..but didnt have the balls. He's gross and ugly and a weirdo!
posted by terrbear1965 on May 15, 2011
OMG!! seriously people! Is this our younger generation???? This scares me. James had every right to say what he did. The lady is just not right in the head. To think she calls her self a LADY!!!
posted by SindyParkins on May 15, 2011
Can't do show business? Then do be in show business betch!
posted by Gustavo on May 15, 2011
Well yeah now that he got eliminated he decides to make a dumb statement but if he hadn't got eliminated he would have said the contrary. He just wants press. Gaga is one of the most talented singers out there period
posted by Librarian on May 14, 2011
This guy sucked from the beginning and should have been gone long ago! Gaga was trying to help someone who couldn't be helped!
posted by Ohjames on May 14, 2011
Really James, Gaga is a worldwide superstar, something you are not even close to achieving. The girl has sold 33 million records, won 5 Grammies, has the highest grossing tour ever and over 1.5 billion youtube hits. I would seriously take he advice.
posted by Terry on May 14, 2011
He was getting way too cocky and he deserved to be eliminated. Gaga was just trying to help him "feel" the music. He was so stiff in the audition. This is why she's selling millions of records worldwide and he's sitting on the sidelines.
posted by hardpearx2 on May 14, 2011
she's just gross and doesn't respect peoples space...and he's right...she's WAY TOO OVER THE TOP!!!
posted by judas on May 14, 2011
Ok GAGA is a musician already and sold guzillions of albums and james is trying to make it as a musician not listening to GAGA will get u kicked off listen to gaga more often she knows what she is doing gaga is the god of music listen to her advice
posted by Markus on May 14, 2011
Well, the reason he GOT booted out was because he didn't follow Gaga's advice.
posted by SC in da house on May 14, 2011
Gaga is one weird Man
posted by Sam W on May 14, 2011
what a dick! Gaga was right, I won't buy his music now after this either no matter how good it is. Haley for the win! "You're gonna kick so much ass little pony!"
posted by Ado on May 14, 2011
I noticed that too! He didn't follow Gaga's advice and I thought his rendition of Love Potion #9 could have been much better.
posted by ronnie on May 14, 2011
are you serious? no way just a statement to get attention. i actually liked the guy until i read this B.S.
posted by LadyGag on May 14, 2011
I'd react the same way if Lady Gag tried grinding with me. Absolutely disgusting. They could have found someone better, with more experience and not a horrible Madonna rip-off to show them the ropes. Get someone decent next time Idol..
posted by kayla on May 14, 2011
And that is why he got kicked off!! If he would have listened to Gaga's advice, he would have done better. When I saw his performance, I didn't see much movement of the hips. I knew that he was going to be kicked off. The girls did great because Gaga helped them be themselves more.
posted by Justin on May 14, 2011
Lol, He would've never said anything about her if he didn't get voted off. But no, the minute he is cut he has to go blaming it on the pop star.
posted by suzanne on May 14, 2011
James, I voted for you....hope you have a wonderful career,...keep singing some songs that show your beautiful voice and feeling...Love you
posted by Jacob on May 14, 2011
Haha. This is a joke right? What a freaking BABY! He needs to quit being a big sore loser.
posted by onehotflasher on May 14, 2011
there is a place for everything, and GaGa's outfit and shoes were not appropriate for a family show. She has made a name for herself by being different, but remember who you're audience is. Its not necessary to show all, all the time.
posted by Pluto on May 14, 2011
Lol, what a baby.
posted by John on May 14, 2011
I wouldn't want her gross ass touching me either. Probably get herpes. Proves that the idol is never actually the best voice
posted by pickles on May 14, 2011
by the way, a pathetic wannabe like you doesn't even get a byline. loser.
posted by pickles on May 14, 2011
ousted wannabe? an arse like you should know about wannabes, huh? lady gaga is getting pretty tiresome. she needs to take a year or two off. she should keep her mitts off ppl. her problem with straight men is pretty transparent.
posted by CAinSapporo on May 14, 2011
I think the term “boundaries” says it all. Just because someone is a superstar doesn't mean they have a high EQ. I'm really proud of James for sticking to standards of propriety. (And I agree with SajiNoKami about what people would think if the genders had been reversed.)
posted by Ricky on May 14, 2011
If you can re-watch the Gaga-mentoring, HE was the only one who didn't listen to Gaga's advise and now look what happened. I think Gaga knows what she's talking about.
posted by eardrum on May 14, 2011
screamers are old, scotty will win
posted by mymelody312 on May 14, 2011
I don't blame him for feeling awkward. She's creepy on steroids. If she'd drop all the costumes & make up what would be left? Human smudge?
posted by htpatty on May 14, 2011
Speaking of dumb-asses, seems like most of you gaga (should be, "gage-gage")fans on here fit into that category! You prefer a guy who looks like slutty girl, imitates Madonna, and has the ability to make ignorant little followers, like you guys, into it's own personal money machines! gaga tries to mold a normal, nice, talented guy to suit it's vile image & he's smart enough to decline. But you little gaga puppets make fun of HIM!! You're pathetic.
posted by interesting on May 14, 2011
I find it hard to belive that anyone would think of lady GAGA as talented
posted by Notafan on May 14, 2011
Lady Gaga is a skank. I don't blame James for being grossed out.
posted by Dfonvergne on May 14, 2011
Before you all keep having cows! He did not call a press conference to announce this for publicity. A reporter asked him and he gave a very brief statement and the reporter turned it into a story. He never said anything other than " it was awkward" she sells her stuff with shock and sex. Not every musician wants to go that road. Give the kid a break!
posted by Weathy on May 14, 2011
Hilarious that Gaga fans use her "billions", "gazizillions", "QUADRUPILLLIONS!!!" to make excuses for her. Yes folks, she's sold a lot of records - that still doesn't change the fact that she has no class. Money won't buy you class - but, I'm sure it buys a lot of other things.
posted by Mysticaltravlr on May 14, 2011
Lady GAGA is grossgross. She couldn't even be "normal" on Idol AND being so "great" she couldn't perform live. She shouldn't have touched any of the Idols, the other mentors didn't. So all you GAGA lovers are wrongwrong!
posted by Baroflo on May 14, 2011
If it was a male singer groping a female contestant, you would all speak otherwise. Lady gaga has a distinct approach to music that not necessarily is shared by all...everyone has their set of personal values and everyone has different boundaries. Respect that.
posted by erfaq on May 14, 2011
haha why is he talking about her now ??? is he trying to get some press??? i liked him and i thought he was a good singer but he has no place to take aim at a global superstar like lady gaga if i was the one being mentored by gaga i would have gone crazy because she knows the business inside and out all her antics have made her an icon in the making haley was the only one who appreciated her and her performance of i who have nothing was spectacular and i seriously hope she wins AI
posted by Chris on May 14, 2011
LOL really? it was all in good fun. Is this the first time a girl touched him or something? Im glad this llama looking fool got kicked off.
posted by SajiNoKami on May 14, 2011
I see how it was awkward for him, but she meant well. Actually, he mentioned it on the show wednesday, so before he was voted off. If the genders were reversed, I wonder what people would think..

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