Princess Diana Film Sparks Outrage

May 10, 2011 11:08:00 GMT

Keith Allen's new documentary about the death of Princess Diana is set to cause outrage by showing a shocking photograph of the late royal moments after the car crash in France which claimed her life.

Princess Diana Film Sparks Outrage
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The "Shallow Grave" star, Keith Allen, father of pop star Lily Allen, has directed new movie "Unlawful Killing", due to be screened at the Cannes Film Festival in France, which kicks off on Wednesday, May 11.

The film documents the British royal's death in a 2007 Paris car accident, which also killed her companion Dodi Fayed and their chauffeur Henri Paul. A 2008 inquest ruled Paul caused the crash through grossly negligent driving.

Allen's movie is set to show a controversial photograph of Diana moments after the crash as rescue workers fought to save her. The graphic black and white image has never been shown in the U.K. and its inclusion in the film has already angered Fayed's businessman father Mohammed Al-Fayed.

A representative for Fayed tells Britain's Daily Mail, "He was not aware that any photograph taken of any occupant of the car was going to be in this film. He is appalled by that and will be taking all necessary steps to make sure it is not in the film."

A spokesman for the filmmakers adds, "The picture has been published in full before, in many parts of the world. We acquired the image from an Italian magazine, which had already published it in full. It is also widely available on the web."

"We are therefore not publishing anything that the rest of the world has not already seen elsewhere."


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posted by TheTruth on Jul 07, 2012
Oh, good lord.... a drunken driver was speeding to get away from the stalkarazzi & the only one who lived was the only one wearing a seat belt. Nuff said. Shit happens. Accident, plain & simple.
posted by Mayora on May 12, 2011
It is about time,that the truth came to light about this horrendous tragedy.I admire the courage of Keith Allen,et al,for daring to do so.

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