Steven Tyler Confirms Aerosmith's Performance for 'American Idol' Finale

May 04, 2011 05:01:08 GMT

Speaking of the rock band's appearance on the show, Steven stresses, 'It was always my intention, always, to get Aerosmith on the show.'

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Photo credit: Patricia Schlein/WENN

Feuding Aerosmith bandmates Steven Tyler and Joe Perry have set aside their differences and plan to prove they're still very much pals by performing together on the season finale of "American Idol".

The rockers fell out when Tyler announced plans to take an indefinite hiatus from the band in late 2009 and Perry publicly considered replacing the frontman. The band reunited for shows in 2010, but Perry and Tyler fell out again when the singer announced he'd be joining TV talent show American Idol as a judge last year.

Tyler revealed he and his Aerosmith bandmates had started work on new material earlier this year, but Perry wasn't part of the studio get-together. But, after months of trading barbs, it appears Tyler and Perry have agreed to put the past behind them.

In a new Billboard.com interview, Tyler says, "I sent Joe a bunch of songs and he sent me a bunch of licks. We've e-mailed back and forth with each other. We're getting together for my father's birthday - he'll be 95 - in May and I'm gonna have a band meeting, at which time we're gonna settle a lot of the tumult that's been going on in the last year between lawyers and managers."

"Sometimes other people try to keep us apart, so it's a little difficult. I'm with different management. They're with different management, they've got their lawyers. I've got my lawyers. When we get together in a room, magic happens. Things get settled. It's just hard right now, but who knows what this summer will bring. We're in the middle of an album cycle. We may go out and do some shows, and we're already booked for November-December, South America and Japan."

And the band has a pressing engagement to perform on the season finale of "Idol". Tyler reveals, "We're playing the last show of the season. When I came on board, of course they were talking about, 'Are you going to sing with the contestants?' I said, 'I'll do a song, sure,' but it was always my intention, always, to get Aerosmith on the show."


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posted by Anonymous on May 06, 2011
'kjoe kelly' you don't know shit. Steven and Aerosmith are MORE well known and liked now that he's on Idol. It shows the man behind the (once) drugged up rockstar. He's the best judge personality wise and makes the show sooo much more fun to watch. Good riddance Simon. I'm looking forward to seeing Aerosmith perform!
posted by kjoe kelly on May 04, 2011
memo to steven: dude your one of the worst judges I've ever seen on idol...stop being such a pussy...and tell them how it is...dude are you broke?...you must be to go on this show and ruin the image of areosmith!!

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