Lady GaGa Cries in Documentary Sneak Peek

April 25, 2011 09:21:00 GMT

The sensational singer is seen weeping in a clip from a documentary, admitting she sometimes feels like a 'loser kid in high school'.

Lady GaGa
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Photo credit: Aaron D. Settipane/WENN

Lady GaGa can be seen breaking down in tears as she admits to feeling like a "loser kid" in an emotional clip from an upcoming concert documentary. The singer weeps openly as she talks about her insecurities while gazing into a mirror in her dressing room at New York's Madison Square Garden.

"I was in the worst mood on the way here," she says. "I just get so revved up when I do these benchmark shows you know, 'cause I start to think about all the people that have tried to stop me... I think about how I don't really give a s**t if people don't understand what I do as long as my fans understand."

"I just sometimes feel like a loser still, you know. It's crazy 'cause it's like we're at the Garden but I still sometimes feel like a loser kid in high school. I gotta [sic] pick myself up and I have to tell myself that I'm a superstar every morning so that I can get through this day and be for my fans what they need for me to be. But sometimes I still feel like people are trying to destroy me."

"I'm fighting for every kid that's like me, that felt like I felt and feels like I still feel... I just wanna be a queen for them and sometimes I don't feel like one. It's not about being a winner for me anymore. It's about being a winner for all of them."

The footage, filmed in February for an HBO special, also shows GaGa bowing her head in prayer, asking God, "Please give me strength to be a winner for all of them and not myself... Please help me to be strong and know my own strength. Please help me to be brave, Lord. Dear God, give me courage. Do not let me give in to my own insecurities."

"Lady GaGa Presents the Monster Ball Tour: At Madison Square Garden" is due to air in the U.S. on 7 May.


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posted by LIM on Apr 27, 2011
Oh! Puleeez! Dat is wat she wants 2 do. Confuse us. She is devlish and no mata how good her heart mite be, it isnt enuf bcos she is leading souls to hell. I guess she was a confused person. Didnt knw weda 2 stick 2 lite or darkness but she has chosen darkness ova lite!!! I wish her d best and hope she sees the truth b4 it is too late. I WAS a fan...
posted by She´s Not Me on Apr 25, 2011
I was so moved by this, really i was, honestly, it left me in bits. ;)
posted by justin on Apr 25, 2011
go GaGa! Never give up!
posted by Audz on Apr 25, 2011
this confused me because as i Christian i was slightly offended by her judas song because much of it was seen sinful. But here she is, praying for courage. Someone please explain!

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