Julie Andrews Was in Therapy When She Met Blake Edwards

April 17, 2011 22:09:00 GMT

Mary Poppins star Julie Andrews and her late husband Blake Edwards were in therapy when they met.

Julie Andrews
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Julie Andrews recalls the couple's early meetings, calling them "very Hollywood", in a new interview with the Los Angeles Times.

She explains, "I'd met him in passing at some reception many many years before I actually personally met him... (but) I was crossing Sunset Boulevard one day and I was at the middle meridian and waiting to cross. A beautiful car pulled up beside me, and I just looked over and then he drove on."

"A week later the same thing happened. The third time it happened, the gentleman in the car rolled down his window and said, 'Hi, we seem to be doing this. Are you going where I just came from?'"

"And we realised that we were both in therapy, and he'd just come from his analyst... and I was just going to one in that region. Then I got a call asking if he could come talk to me about a film, and that film was Darling Lili, which we eventually made together. It was a huge flop, but it didn't seem to affect our relationship in any way."


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posted by Lili yes Lili on Feb 11, 2015
Darling Lili is a great movie with great songs....watched it at least ten times..will watch it again when I figure out how to connect my VHS at my new residence...was given the vinyl for my birthday...Julie Andrews is cosmic...infinite...yes!

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