Dwayne Johnson Keeps Girlfriend's Name Private

April 01, 2011 09:17:20 GMT

Speaking in an interview, the 'Fast Five' actor who is also known as The Rock prefers to play it coy about his current girlfriend, insisting he needs to 'keep it private'.

Dwayne Johnson Keeps Girlfriend's Name Private
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Actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is refusing to reveal the identity of his current girlfriend, because he's fiercely private and wants to keep his personal life out of the spotlight. The former wrestler split from his wife Dany in 2007 after 10 years of marriage and the pair share a nine-year-old daughter, Simone.

Johnson insists he is still friends with his ex-partner, who acts as his manager, but reveals he has found love again. He tells CNN's Piers Morgan, "[Dany's] happy in a relationship. I'm happy in a relationship too. But it's so incredibly loving and seem less what we have and the best part of that is the example we're showing our little girl."

However, Johnson refuses to divulge any further information about his mystery lover, "I can't tell you that [his girlfriend's name], I've got to keep it private. It's important to me. Privacy's important to me... The relationships I have, regardless of who it is, whether it's my girlfriend, ex-wife, little girl, friends, whatever... it's always been important to me to be private and live privately."

"How do I manage to achieve that? Easy... I live far out outside of Hollywood. I have a farm on the east coast I like to go to get away... Don't go to restaurants you know paparazzi are going to be. I don't go out."

But although Johnson is keeping the name of his girlfriend a secret, he admits he'd like to marry again in the future, "I love relationships and again I honor the relationships I'm in today so sure, I'd be open to it [marriage]."


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posted by justin sales on May 25, 2012
I heard that your new girlfriend is My cousin...
posted by Sasha on Jun 05, 2011
It was announced on the set of the Moviw the Journey that he is engaged to Rosy
posted by Sasha on Jun 05, 2011
Thought he was engaged to Rosy Doronzo
posted by shellisa jackson on Jun 04, 2011
Hi! Dwayne johnson, how are u doing today are gettin back with your ex wife because if u do i will be the happiest person in the world. But i understand that u have another women in your life and i understand that u and your girlfriend love each other not that i already knew that but what i feel about u and your ex wife is that y'all really do miss each other and y'all are thinking about each other everyday of the week but there one thing that's important and that is your daughter, does she wanted y'all back together please get back together for the seck of your only child did it for your friends and family, and most importantly do it for your fans and i know your girlfriends name is Lauren Hashian, OH! Yeah! Happy Beloved 39th Birthday to u i have been busy with senior projects and prom night my prom was yesterday we didn't get out intill 12 "o" clock or 3" o" clock so did go to your prom. So how is your family, friends doing. I will love to see u and your ex wife back together again, y'all love each

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