Lady GaGa's 'Born This Way' Accused of Plagiarizing SNSD's 'Be Happy'

March 12, 2011 03:58:05 GMT

After she was accused of copying Madonna's song, the eccentric singer faces another accusation of plagiarism over 'Born This Way' from music producers for the South Korean girl band.

Lady GaGa
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Lady GaGa is facing further accusations of plagiarism over her latest track "Born This Way" from two music producers, who claim there are "similarities" with a song they wrote for a South Korean girl band.

The "Poker Face" hitmaker released the highly-anticipated new single in February and was immediately criticized over allegations the track sounds just like Madonna's "Express Yourself". GaGa has since dismissed the slurs, and even insists Madonna has contacted her to support the record.

But now the controversial singer is facing fresh plagiarism allegations from production duo E-Tribe, who have announced plans to question GaGa over the song's alleged resemblance to a track called "Be Happy", which they wrote for pop group SNSD.

"Someone this morning told me that there were reports of Lady GaGa plagiarizing SNSD's 'Be Happy'," an E-Tribe representative tells Newsen. "I listened, and I do feel that there are similarities. The way the song flows and the arrangements are, honestly, the same. I am currently working to get in contact with Lady GaGa's publishing label to find further information."


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posted by MARC on May 27, 2012
It also is useing lyrics from a song by Big Pig - Breakaway " mama told me when I was Young stand tall baby your number one"
posted by jessica on Mar 13, 2011
@kan ji eun i agree i think lady gaga plagiarized if you listen to it there are a lot of similarities (96%) similar
posted by kan ji eun on Mar 13, 2011
@drayke snsd is very respected they represent korea as the #1 girl group so please dont diss them by saying that they just want to be in international news and besides snsd's album came out jan 19, 2010 and lady gaga's album came out 2011 so its lady gaga's fault... and wait lady gaga writes her own songs write ...... flash back ... on an korean interview lady gaga admitted she listens to asian songs maybe she plagerized....
posted by julia on Mar 12, 2011
Gaga is an attencion whore so shut the hell up!!
posted by James on Mar 12, 2011
I live in Korea and for the most part, "K-Pop" songs rip off American songs. I've heard nothing here that sounds similar to "Born This Way." Plagiarism involves words anyway; it would be difficult to charge someone with copying these producers' thoughts.
posted by Sassy on Mar 12, 2011
Sigh - people these day. They use other big stars name for attention. Feel sorry for Gaga, that they use these Attention Whores, use her name just to get some internation press
posted by Drayke on Mar 12, 2011
By the way, this is probably the most international press this group will ever convenient for them.
posted by Drayke on Mar 12, 2011
I looked it up on youtube and there is a slight similarity in the tone and in about one bar of the melody, but overall the two songs aren't any more similar than 99% of the various songs of a given genre on the radio are from one another. I don't think they have a case, not by a long shot.

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