Christina Aguilera Accused of Sampling Old Song for 'Ain't No Other Man'

March 07, 2011 08:03:47 GMT

The 'Burlesque' star is hit with a lawsuit for allegedly illegally sampling 'Hippy Skippy Moon Strut' for her own track without paying the rightful owner.

Christina Aguilera Accused of Sampling Old Song for 'Ain't No Other Man'
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Christina Aguilera is embroiled in a lawsuit over allegations bosses at her record label sampled a 1968 song in her track "Ain't No Other Man" without paying the rightful owner. The singer's hit single reportedly uses a beat from Dave 'Baby' Cortez and the Moon People's soul song "Hippy Skippy Moon Strut".

According to legal papers, filed in New York, TufAmerica bought the exclusive rights to the original song in 2004, but Aguilera's label bosses at Sony made a deal with Codigo Music and the Clyde Otis Music Group to use the record. Heads at TufAmerica are now asking a court to declare them the rightful owner of the song and are seeking damages, reports

Her song aside, Christina Aguilera recently got trouble with law after found drunk in a car with her boyfriend, Matthew Rutler. After taken to a pollice office for a while, she was released on bail.


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posted by Musicisme on Mar 08, 2011
WELL i hate to see people now got target to ambush, they almost kill britney into problem but now they targeting on Christina?? hey give them some space
posted by chrisbritslo on Mar 07, 2011
they are somehow 7 years late!! omg what a douchebags

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