Jeweler Doesn't Want to Charge Lindsay Lohan for Stolen Necklace

Lindsay Lohan

Sofia Kaman changed her original story in a statement, asking police to keep the incident out of the public domain.

The owner of the jewelery store Lindsay Lohan is accused of stealing from did not want to press charges against her, it has been revealed in a police report. The "Mean Girls" star was officially charged with felony grand theft in a Los Angeles court on Wednesday, February 9 over allegations she stole a necklace from the Kamofie & Company jeweler's in Venice, California last month.

A police report obtained by on Thursday suggests the store's owner, Sofia Kaman, changed her original story in a statement, initially telling cops Lohan had put the necklace into her handbag before claiming she actually left the store with the piece around her neck. Now it has been revealed that in the same report, Kaman insisted she did not want the actress to be charged, and asked police to keep the incident out of the public domain.

The statement says Kaman "was hesitant in making the police report" and added she "stated that she does not want to press charges. She stated that she only wants her necklace returned... she wants this incident handled with the utmost discretion."

Lohan, who is currently free on bail, is due back in court on February 23.



    Mar 08, 2011

    Guess what, you don't get to walk when the girl you diss is that she looks good. Some people spend there life around a fire telling each other how much they need to be there, the rest of us live through face the music Sofia, this is not about soft luxury and/or pleasure. Even if it was its not...LOL...and pointing jealous fingers only shows us all how greedy you really are. Did you need an education for that design? Next time, listen to your teachers. They make the Lindsays of tommorrow, who is Sofia again?? Count yourself lucky you are only in California.

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