Wyclef Jean to Play Online Concert to Support Egyptian Freedom Fighters

Wyclef Jean

'We want them to know that they're not alone. We're in this struggle too and we're gonna fight with them so that they get their freedom,' he said.

Wyclef Jean has announced plans to broadcast a free concert over the internet in a show of support for protesters in Egypt. The former The Fugees star has been moved by footage of the uprising in Egypt, which has been making headlines around the world since last month, when thousands of citizens in the African republic began call for the resignation of long-serving President Hosni Mubarak.

And the hip-hop star wants to do his part to boost the demonstrators' spirits - by performing an online gig for the people of Egypt. In a video message on his Facebook.com page, Jean says, "We want to do something special... We want them to know that they're not alone. We're in this struggle too and we're gonna fight with them so that they get their freedom."

"It's going to come out on Facebook Friday morning, seven o'clock, we're gonna drop it. Wyclef singing for the people of Egypt straight from my heart. All the people in Egypt that's watching me on Twitter, I want you all to know that you're not alone."

"We're fighting with you all. Africa, it's one fight, one struggle, respect - nothing but love. Make sure you all catch this joint for the people of Egypt." Following the strife and reportedly at the urging of U.S. politicians, President Mubarak, who has led Egypt for the past 30 years, has resigned.

Wyclef has dedicated his life to international politics in recent months and last year staged an unsuccessful attempt to join the race to become his native Haiti's new president.

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    Feb 23, 2011

    A group of Egyptian youth have decided to organize the first ever “Egypt Freedom Concert”, an initiative to provide a platform for international celebrities and public figures to show solidarity to the Nation. The “Freedom Team” is composed of a group of youth who participated in the revolution, working at one of the most well established events companies in Egypt; Editor Pr, Events & Communications, with one common goal; planning and implementing Egypt reform projects. The first major project is organizing the biggest outdoor concert worldwide, hosting the most prominent international celebrities. The initiative was established not only to prove the Egyptian civilized aspect, and not only to encourage tourism, but also to promote all democratic movements globally and for all Nations to demonstrate solidarity. The “Freedom Team” stated: Our “Freedom Team”, will devote our efforts and time to organize the first “Egypt Freedom Concert.” For the period of 17 days, Egyptians from all walks of life have gathered together in unity and peace to achieve their goal, during which our Youth have set examples for generations to come on the value of humanity. And in this process, we received many words of support and messages of solidarity from individuals and public figures worldwide, which have empowered all Egyptians from the first day until the day of celebration. Now, as the youth of the revolution, we are calling on the world to put these words into actions. “We need you now more than ever, to prove that Egypt is, and will remain a safe destination, and to support us in our ongoing process of development. Egypt is waiting for the world. If we really inspired those words from you, then we need you to come to show that you support freedom.” The “Freedom Team” is calling on international performers to participate in our concert in solidarity with the cause. We are inviting all the idols worldwide to contribute to the initiative. We are calling on all Egyptian organizations to volunteer in solidarity and show support to yet another youth driven endeavor. Mr. Mohamed Sherdy, former MP for Wafd Party, writer and Managing Director of Editor Pr, Events & Communications stated “I am very proud of our company’s youth who have taken this initiative and will dedicate all our efforts and resources to see this project come to life”. Please join us and check all details on our Facebook page: Egypt Freedom Concert. Come to Egypt, touch freedom, encourage youth around the world to take an initiative of changing lives, and look into the eyes of our proud millions who for the first time in their lives are breathing the scent of liberty. We invite you to come make history with us.

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