Michael Jackson Fans Kicked Out of Cemetery After Lying

January 31, 2011 05:01:00 GMT

Two female fans tried to visit Jackson's tomb by telling the guard that they wanted to visit the resting place of Yogananda.

Michael Jackson
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Two Michael Jackson fans were recently thrown out of his final resting place in California after attempting to dupe security into believing they wanted to visit the nearby tomb of Indian guru Yogananda.

The King of Pop was buried at the Forest Lawn Cemetery memorial in Glendale, California following his death in 2009. Strict visitation restrictions were put in place to ensure the cemetery was not flooded with devotees and only close family and friends can visit the mausoleum.

However, two female fans tried to make their way to Jackson's tomb earlier this week by ringing the security buzzer continually, and then insisting to the guard that they wanted to visit the resting place of Yogananda, whose tomb has no restrictions. They were allowed access, but were promptly escorted away from Jackson's mausoleum when they were spotted in the vicinity of his tomb.

A representative for the cemetery says, "They were not allowed into the mausoleum and asked to leave that part of the park."


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posted by E on Feb 08, 2011
Michael Jackson is the best no matter wut other people say .How can people put a label on a brilliantly Talented man like michael. I miss u Michael XOXOXO
posted by Screen Name on Jan 31, 2011

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