Chipmunk on Why He Helps Resurrecting Chris Brown's Career

January 28, 2011 03:45:51 GMT

Although a lot of people in his life told him not to risk it, the rapper insisted on working with Brown in the new track 'Champion'.

Chipmunk on Why He Helps Resurrecting Chris Brown's Career
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British rapper Chipmunk defied his advisers to record a single with Chris Brown, after he was told not to work with the troubled star. Brown hit headlines for the wrong reasons back in 2009 following a vicious attack on his then-girlfriend Rihanna, which left him with an assault conviction.

The "Kiss Kiss" hitmaker's career suffered a major slump in the wake of the scandal, but Chipmunk insists he didn't let the past tarnish their new collaboration, "Champion". He says, "Chris has had a difficult time and he's literally had to start again, accept his wrongs and apologise - and continuously apologise - to get himself back to the point where he is now. Every man makes mistakes, and it takes a real man to learn from them."

"A lot of people did try to persuade me not to do the track. But knowing where I'm at and what I stand for in this country, there was nothing that was going to stop me. People were saying radio won't play it, TV won't play it. I said, 'You know what man? I'm doing it'. I'm going to stand next to this dude and say, 'I want to work with Chris Brown'."

The single, "Champion", is due for release next month.


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posted by King Makers on Jan 29, 2011
his career wasn't based on the success of his relationship with Rihanna OR WAS IT? so why would it need resurrection? He is a victim of feminist who just used Rihanna & took advantage of his status to exploit the situation. Graffiti was an amazing album, and a lot of people missed out but they will all come back after the get a feel of his new album F.A.M.E!
posted by King Makers on Jan 29, 2011
He did not help resurrect anything! he, unlike many hypocrites just ceased a chance to duet with his idol, thats all! Chris Brown's career was never dead, some of his fans just changed. CB is already higher than that former level, he is in his zone and everyone need to catch up.
posted by sarah on Jan 28, 2011
sorry but I did not even know who chipmunk was before Chris Brown. So stop the B.S
posted by blackhairedlovely on Jan 28, 2011
i love chis brown. he is such a talent, his music is amazing and his voice is simply beautiful : ) this song is an absolute tune, i love you chris
posted by Alvagurl on Jan 28, 2011
Nice of you to work with him but... more well known american artist were already working with him, I too had never heard of Chimpmunk.

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