Angelina Jolie Doesn't Own Jeans, Only Designer Clothes

Angelina Jolie

'If I had jeans and t-shirts in my wardrobe, it's what I would end up wearing all the time with so many children,' she reasoned.

Angelina Jolie refuses to buy jeans or t-shirts - because she's convinced she would dress like a slob if she had a wardrobe full of casual clothes. The "Tomb Raider" star keeps her closet packed with dressy designer items to ensure she never steps out looking less than perfect, insisting she's so busy raising six kids she has to force herself to make an effort with fashion.

She tells Britain's OK! magazine, "I actually don't own a pair of jeans. This is an odd confession but I realized when I was into building our family, that if I had jeans and t-shirts in my wardrobe, it's what I would end up wearing all the time with so many children. So I had to kind of not have them, to force myself to not fall into that every day."




    psyched up
    Apr 06, 2011

    to all angelina haters..get a life!!! you motherfu..ers!!!

    Mar 02, 2011

    what a stupid Loonifer fan. :)

    Feb 20, 2011

    oh yes, how bad would that be to toss on a pair of blue jeans and tee shirt? She considers herslef = to us poor-folk? yeah. Well I am a blue jean and tee shirt kind of girl and do shoot guns etc...for real without having to go to professional training. No matter how much money in this world I have nothing would change me from a blue jean, tee shirt, cowboy boot wearing girl!Jens movie hit number one this week ...... better throw your other curse her way she still looks better then joli and for all the joli fans jen is NOT TO GOOD to wear blue jeans and is way more down to earth. Blue jeans can be very sexy when worn right. I thought she once said everything is black so she never has to worry about matching?Talk about lazy.Karma catches up to everyone.I know when you do bad,wrong someone I USE to consider a friend is learning that. Big girl on phone Pu*(*(s face to face.All the bad she has done to me is coming back times three. I just laugh she is NOT.....kill them with kindness. Happy for your film JEN!!

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