Sting Straddled by Wife on Bed for Mag Shot

Sting, Trudie Styler

The rocker claimed in the article for Harper's Bazaar that he enjoys hours of Tantric sex with wife Trudy Styler.

Rocker Sting and wife Trudie Styler have showcased their famously passionate relationship in a series of saucy shots for Harper's Bazaar magazine. The stars, who wed in 1992, have previously discussed their bedroom antics in detail, claiming they enjoy hours of Tantric sex.

They have further shown their lust for each other in a sexy photoshoot for the latest edition of the fashion bible, posing in a series of provocative pictures and talking about their "tawdry" love life. In one snap, Styler straddles the singer on a bed, while another shows the pair smooching as Sting puts his hand suggestively on the top of his wife's thigh.

In the interview, the rocker reveals the secrets of their successful union, "Relationships aren't easy, and I don't think they're particularly natural, but we're lucky because we actually like each other. We love each other - that's a given - but Trudie lights my world up when she comes into a room. I don't take her for granted."



    Pam Guess
    Jan 16, 2011

    Iím Sting, my highest purpose in this life? Over-indulgence with my wife. All day we shop and drink and eat, All night we pound each otherís meat. Like Pavlovís dogs we salivate, If dinner time is ever late. We smack our lips and start to groan, Like dogs with a delicious bone. Weíre proud that there is just no end, To our capacity to spend. Some morons donate all their dough, Weíd never be that stupid, though! I love the pics in Harpís Bazaar ĎCause I look like a porno star. Thanks to Adobe photo shop, My saggy wife looks kind of hot. Iím looking good, Iím lean and mean; A sixty year old sex machine. I know Iím smarter than the rest, Ďcause money does buy happiness! Inviting thinkers to our home, So we wonít have to drink alone. Who cares what famous thinkers say? When here, we keep them drunk all day. I used to wonder which was me; The Sting on stage or Sting/Trudie. Now I donít wonder who I am, I just get drunk; who gives a damn! My intellectual image is gone, I flushed it all right down the John. Pretentious ainít what Iím about Now I am ďSting the Drunken LoutĒ!

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