Jamie Kennedy Suing Yoostar for Unpaid Appearance

Jamie Kennedy

The former 'Ghost Whisperer' star claimed the company still owed him $250,000 for helping it launch the new technology.

Actor Jamie Kennedy has launched legal action against the bosses of a social media company over allegations they failed to honor an agreement worth $250,000. The "Ghost Whisperer" star is suing Yoostar Entertainment over claims company executives hired him to make a string of personal appearances to promote the brand, which uses a new technology to allow users to insert themselves into TV and movie scenes.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kennedy was due to receive $500,000 for three personal appearances, including 25 cameos in original clips for Yooster, amounting to $125,000. However, according to a suit filed at Los Angeles Superior Court, Kennedy is still owed $250,000, as well as stock options.

After "Ghost Whisperer" was canceled, Kennedy continues providing voice on FOX's animation "The Cleveland Show".

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    Greedy Kennedy
    Feb 01, 2011

    Do you realize what I could do with 250 000 dollars? I could get a house and a car.. so Jamie made 250 000 and claims they still owe him another 250, WOW. You are the most greedy person all guys like you do is take and guys like me work for minumum wage who can barely even afford to buy this game! Greedy, selfish, and this is why I don't support overpayed actors. Hollywood is a joke and you make in 2 weeks what id make in 10 years. I will never support you, never. This actually convinced me not to get the game

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