Kurtis Blow Caught Having Marijuana

December 03, 2010 04:30:17 GMT

The 51-year-old rapper was fined for drug possession in Los Angeles airport.

Kurtis Blow Caught Having Marijuana
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Rap pioneer Kurtis Blow has been fined for drug possession after airport security guards found a stash of marijuana on him during a body scan in Los Angeles. The hip-hop star, real name Kurtis Combs, was busted after walking through one of the newly-installed full body scanners at the city's LAX Airport.

The machine's computers detected "an anomaly" in his trousers and he was subsequently subjected to a pat down by officers, which led to the drug find.

But "The Breaks" hitmaker, 51, managed to escape arrest and simply walked away with a ticket because he was carrying less than an ounce of pot, reports


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