Paul McCartney Launching Band on the Run Radio

Paul McCartney

A pop-up radio station in collaboration with Sirius XM, Band on the Run Radio is going on air for the first time on December 6.

Sir Paul McCartney is celebrating the re-release of his famed Wings album "Band on the Run" by launching a pop-up radio station in honor of the record. The former Beatle is teaming up with U.S.-based Sirius XM to form Band on the Run Radio, which begins its month-long broadcast on Monday, December 6.

McCartney will host a special show about the making of Wings' 1973 album, while he will also discuss other records from his back catalog. Scott Greenstein, president of Sirius XM, says, "We're celebrating the music from his whole career, with focus on that legendary and very underrated album."

The project is the second time McCartney has launched a pop-up channel with Sirius - in 2008, the station featured Fireman Radio, dedicated to the musician's side-project with record producer Youth.



    18 year old ashley a
    Dec 05, 2010

    i love you sir paul mccartney and i know you love us fans so i want to thank you for all the fan so thank you sir james paul mccartney for all you do for us fans and i love you paul macca and i personal want to thank you so thank you paul mccartney from the bottem of my heart and i am sorry that i do not spell that good i am like your beatle buddy that spells things wrone and i know it was not you but who all of the beatles spelled spell this way spel

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