Peter Jackson Responds to 'The Hobbit' Racism Claim

November 30, 2010 02:55:47 GMT

Through his representative, Peter Jackson claims he never issued such an order to casting bosses and has branded the incident 'an incredibly unfortunate error.'

Peter Jackson Responds to 'The Hobbit' Racism Claim
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A representative for director Peter Jackson has admitted casting crews working on "The Hobbit" made "an incredibly unfortunate error" after a British actress claimed she was turned down for a role in the film because of her skin color. Naz Humphreys, who has Pakistani heritage, attended an audition in the New Zealand city of Hamilton last week but alleges she was rejected because movie bosses only wanted "pale-skinned" actors.

She tells the Waikato Times, "It's 2010 and I still can't believe I'm being discriminated against because I have brown skin. The casting manager basically said they weren't having anybody who wasn't pale-skinned. I would love to be an extra. But it just seemed like a shame because obviously hobbits are not brown or black or any other color."

"They all look kind of homogenized beige and all derived from the Caucasian gene pool." Humphreys has now created a campaign group on titled "Hire hobbits of all colors! Say no to Hobbit racism!" A representative for Jackson claims the director never issued such an order to casting bosses and has branded the incident "an incredibly unfortunate error".

The spokesman adds, "It is not something the producers or the director of The Hobbit were aware of. They would never issue instructions of this kind to the casting crew. All people meeting the age and height requirements are welcome to audition."


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posted by GManJr64 on Jan 29, 2014
It's a white man's fairy-tale, so what do you expect?
posted by Jack Oz on Nov 28, 2013
The unfortunate problem is you're all defending racism by saying we need to follow "true" to the racist times in which the original material were made. Oh, but of course, when whites play Goku in DBZ, as Water tribes in Airbender, or as Genghis Khan, it's fine. White people, never stopping with their white privilege.
posted by KHAN on Jan 27, 2013
This is a racist film and I have seen all 4 movies. Blacks are the ugly and the white the good. Not good for Asians, Africans, Muslims. Peter Jackson is a RACIST and BIGOT!!!
posted by Igor on Feb 13, 2011
I think that todays's hysterical "political correctness" will not make any film better. Cut the crap Peter, and do it your way! P.S. "African" Hobits, give me a break.
posted by Len on Dec 09, 2010
The idiocy can go that far. This woman should consider to get a better education to get a job rather than whine and use such low blackmailing techniques. Fie.
posted by James on Dec 08, 2010
Greg, we probably went to the same audition. I wanted to play a tribesmans wife but was denied because I'm a white man. Such an insult, racism AND sexism!
posted by emma on Dec 01, 2010
I think she would make a perfect orc. I mean why is she making this a race thing? This story was written way before she was born! This story is a classic and it is what it is. Everyone loves it just the way the story is and she can just shut her mouth. Now if they make black, asian and pakinstan hobbits or elves or dwarfs I won't spend my money on the movie! This is no difference from a white person wanting to play the part of a black person role!!!
posted by no on Dec 01, 2010
there always has to be sum pinhead trying to cuase trouble
posted by M on Nov 30, 2010
It wasn't a 'role' in the was at a 'go-see' where they look at people to be 'extras'... Talk about blowing this crap up even bigger...check your facts next time - sheesh -
posted by outraged on Nov 30, 2010
Political correctness gone MAD! IF jackson chooses to have white hobbits its his decision as he has been given the job of creating HIS vision of the hobbit. ITS no ones else's god damn business and wtf play the "racist card" just get over it the stupid *****.
posted by Bewildered on Nov 29, 2010
Peter Jackson needs to grow a pair. It would be ridiculous to see a land of multi colored skin tones, all in the same tribe of people. Would Christopher Columbus expect to land in the West Indies to find blacks, whites, "India Indians" living there for centuries together with segregate gene pools still in tact? Retarted. If you start with light skin tones, continue that way. Don't ruin the integrity of the film for "political correctness".
posted by whitey on Nov 29, 2010
time to start auditioning in Bollywood !!
posted by greg on Nov 29, 2010
I once auditioned to play the role of a tribesmen in the Congo. I was denied the part because I was a bit light hehehe. RACISM I TELL YOU!!!

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