Pregnant Pink Refuses to Give Up Drink


Though she is pretty discipline about time, the singer still drinks occasionally during her pregnancy as she believes it is good.

Pop star Pink is refusing to completely give up alcohol during her pregnancy, as she's convinced the occasional drink is "good for you". The singer is expecting a baby with her husband Carey Hart and she is due to become a mother for the first time in the spring 2011.

But the "So What" star is still indulging in the odd glass of booze, as she doesn't want to deprive herself while she is pregnant. She tells Britain's The Sun, "I'm pretty disciplined, when it's time to play I play, when it's time to work I work, and when it's time to be careful I'll be careful. It's (an occasional drink is) good for you. There's a whole manual that's six foot deep filled with things you can't do."

"No drinking, no eating this... In Ireland I saw a nine-months pregnant woman with a martini in her hand. Or you go to Italy and there's a nine-months pregnant woman with a big old rack of wine in her hand."



    Agree FASD
    Dec 01, 2010

    People who drink while pregnant is one think that makes me really angry. They are not giving their child an equal chance at life, and even though those children may not be born with "typical" fetal alcohol characteristics, even the smallest amount of alcohol can cause pervasive cognitive and behavioural effects.

    Nov 29, 2010

    Well, im pregnant, & i drink a glass of wine every other day. Your body lets u kno what u can & cant handle. When i drink a lil over a glass, it hurts my stomach, & thats an obvious indication 2 stop. My want, tho, 4 alcohol is greatly reduced. Pregnancy has produced happy hormones in me, that makes the need 4 substance, much less tempting!

    Nov 29, 2010

    oh my god its not you that gets hurt its your baby From a worker who works with many children/adults with FASD (fetal alcohol)How can people be so unaware of the damage alcohol causes babies

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