MCR's Gerard Way Calls Miley Cyrus 'Lip-Syncing Child'

November 27, 2010 03:53:55 GMT

The frontman is still bitter about the fact that their concept album 'The Black Parade' came second to Miley's 'Hannah Montana' album in 2006.

MCR's Gerard Way Calls Miley Cyrus 'Lip-Syncing Child'
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My Chemical Romance rocker Gerard Way still feels disappointed by the band's 2006 chart battle with Miley Cyrus - because they lost out to "a lip-syncing child". The group's popular concept album "The Black Parade" was released in September 2006, selling 240,000 copies in the U.S. in its first week of release.

But the band missed out on America's coveted number one spot on the Billboard 200 chart, coming in second behind Cyrus' "Hannah Montana" soundtrack. And Way admits losing out to a teenage pop star still hurts.

He tells the Hollywood Reporter, "We've never been number one. We got our a** kicked by Miley Cyrus last time, back when nobody knew who she was... (It was a disappointment) because I felt like we'd worked towards it and it felt like it was in the cards (sic). We expected it - like, who can beat us? A lip-syncing child, that's who."


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posted by xCielxx on Sep 21, 2013
I know this is way late but Chris, If YOU took the time to look up MCR "behind the scene" videos then you would know that Gerard doesn't lip sync in the music videos. You pointed out Miley gives 100% at concerts yet didn't bother to point out MCR's concerts which they give like 1000% at .. Did you do any research before bashing a band you clearly don't know anything about? I'm not even a major My Chem fan anymore but really? At least educate yourself before making idiotic accusations. Okay, that's all. I just wanted to point out the certain flaws in your 'argument'.
posted by Ada on May 26, 2013
Yeah,Gerard is right.Miley is sh*tty!
posted by Helena-Rose on Feb 16, 2013
posted by Sinem on Dec 19, 2012
go and eat your shit miley!!! MCR rockss!!!
posted by hehe on Aug 14, 2011
ok heres what i think MCR is awesum u stupid people just dont see it cuz Miley has infected ur heads with her shitty music & second of all shes a BITCH O by the way its been PROVEN by HER!!! haha x)
posted by gosrhgao on Jun 06, 2011
So true AllBats, I also think he's a pretty sore loser. I used to like MCR before they released The Black Parade which I found was too mainstream and sell out. I'm totally gobsmacked by their new album as it is utter SH**!
posted by Killjoy on Apr 19, 2011
I love My Chemical Romance more than anyone else on this planet, and I think what Gerard said was absolutely true. She really is NOTHING but a lip syncing child whining about boys and how hard it is to have money, while MCR works hard to save lives and has some real hardcore talent. They are the best I've ever heard. They are my favorite thing ever. Miley did nothing but autotune her voice and have her dad buy her a TV show, record deal, and book deal. What's special about Miley? What's so original about Miley? Nothing, if you don't count her world record of biggest amount of autotune used in one song.
posted by FuckMIley(: on Feb 22, 2011
Everyone likes MCR. I seriously don't see one comment defending Miley.. yay(: she does lip sync too.
posted by dhfkhgdjks on Feb 22, 2011
Miley = Whore loser, LIP SYNCERR Gerard = Awesome :D
posted by Tintagel on Feb 14, 2011
Hey, AllBats... Dude, FUCK OFF.
posted by AllBats on Feb 08, 2011
The Black Parade was a disappointing album. It's like they were trying to be number one and cared less about the music.
posted by nyb on Jan 25, 2011
MCR is better than Miley. It's just true. She's a dramatic diva because she gets everything she wants because of her hillbilly daddy.They work and work and try so hard, just to be beaten out by a true 'Lip-syncing Child'. They have mature fans, but sadly she has more little girls throwing tantrums in the middle of a store to buy her album. MCR is the greatest band I know at this point, and I have known them since 2002. It's about friggin time she grew up, and now she's losing fans to her too-grown-up attitude. So, now that children are no longer beating their mommy's legs for her albums, MCR can finally take their place on the charts, ahead of Destiny Hope Cyrus.
posted by anon. on Jan 06, 2011
honestly, i couldn't care less if miley lip- sings or not. but mileys dad got her famous, not her on her own, n thats always gonna happen 4 her. mcr workd hard 2 get where they r now, so who's on top now? ummm... baring in mind all the comments bashin cyrus- MCR!!! i aint suprised either :D mcr rock!
posted by MCRFAN93 on Jan 06, 2011
posted by Alies on Jan 01, 2011
Chris, Miley doesn't lipsync in concerts no, but does she sound any good. No, not really.
posted by Tintagel on Jan 01, 2011
Gerard Way is soo totally right...I mean, Chris, have even LISTENED 2 MCR's music??? HAVE YOU??? In Miley's music, all she can sing about is HERSELF. Is MCR like that?? NO! Seriously, I'm sure my dog can sing better than she does! Gerard Way, I love you.
posted by MCRmy 4 life : ) on Dec 28, 2010
i agree wiv u -unknown- she is a brat who got famous cuz of who her dad is :Db
posted by -unknown- on Dec 28, 2010
MCR is an amazing rock band who deserves recognision Miley Cyrus is a childish little princess who only got famous coz she's billy ray's kid, honestly i don't know how any of u "fans" can stand her shes hideous looking has a voice llike a cat being strangled and has as much self respect as wheelie bin god people WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO creating spoiled brats like her...
posted by insert name here :) on Dec 17, 2010
are you kidding? you people who suport miley shuld get a grip she has done nothing in her life she has gotten everything she has ever wanted mcr had to work their way to be the people they are now and im sure it was hell and they have meaning in their music because its how they feel about life, not a teenage boy and partying.
posted by Anon, The Legion on Dec 13, 2010
Lets face it people, Miley Cyrus is a fugly cow that only got popular because she was on Disney Channel where she was transmitted to impressionable young children. Trust me, if MCR had a TV show on a little kid channel they would be on top.
posted by ........ on Dec 08, 2010
miley is sooooo boring she is crap and i think she does lip sync she is soo up her own ass and any way gerard his entiled 2 his own opinion. mcr way better they're not boring like sluty miley and c the people that say he is a emo thats a load ot bollocks at end of the day gerard is entitled 2 his own opinion soo all u miley fans shut the hell up PLEASE MY GOD LEAVE GERARD ALONE
posted by Chris on Dec 04, 2010
All recording artists lip sync in videos, including these Chemical boys. So by that measure, MCR are lip syncing children. But, in fact, Miley Cyrus always gives 100 percent live performances in her concerts, no lip syncing, no voice affects like autotune. Anyone can listen to thousands of her live concerts on Youtube and prove that to themselves. If Mr. Way had a sliver of integrity, he would apologize in public for his slander of Ms. Cyrus. But since he appears to be a douchebag who only cares about using Cyrus' much greater popularity to advance his own career, I doubt he will do that.
posted by Angie on Dec 03, 2010
Miley Cyrus sux, she gave pissed off looks at the thanksgiving parade (even to me, when I waved hi) in 2006.
posted by Danielle on Dec 02, 2010
This is another pointless article blown way out of propoertion to look like another miley bash. It's the daily mail story all over again; blaming MCR for some other people's ignorance. Gerard wasn't angry here, he was just pissed off because he and the band have worked so hard on this new album, even having to attempt it TWICE, only to be beaten by a lip-syncing child. And she DOES lip-sync, it's been proven.
posted by crissy on Dec 02, 2010
BITTER! Its true Miley lip synch during movies not in her concert, and FYI when u(MCR) record, u do the process of recording so its not live anymore okai.. Dont compare urself to famous one.. Trash! hihi :D
posted by hundredand on Nov 29, 2010
Numbers don't mean anything when it comes to talent. While it is true that Miley doesn't lip-sync, she still sucks. MCR is way better.
posted by OnlyHope on Nov 29, 2010
I think Gerard is just being honest, I mean she probaly does lip-sing and they don't. Gerard just mad cause they couldn't get the first spot, being so close and all cause of Miley who's always close if she doesn't always win.
posted by WhatTheHell? on Nov 28, 2010
Okay, 1. Stop hating on MCR 2. Gerard said that yes, but they cut out all the important parts. Sometimes I wonder of people TRY to make Gee look bad. Gerard had said that back then it had been a disappointment but really, they expected it. They knew that some lip-singing child would come along and steal the spotlight. They know that MCR would always be number 2. This article is so misleading. All you Miley Cyrus fans don't need to freak out and could go back to listening to your crappy Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers. MCR is the real deal. ;~; ah, my poor Gerard. Trying to be sabatoged by Miley fans. Hes gonna be upset on twitter.
posted by dessie on Nov 27, 2010
so y wus it posted hannah montana u a lame but yo song no lame
posted by mfan on Nov 27, 2010
I was wondering why this article was posted. It's because My Chemical Romance has a new album out that has no chance of being number one because of the competition.
posted by mfan on Nov 27, 2010
And these guys are still clueless or they would know that, while many current stars like Keisha, The Black Eyed Peas, Katy Perry, Brittany, etc., lip-synch, Miley does not.
posted by ... on Nov 27, 2010
well, Miley DOES suck. MCR is soooo much better that shitty Miley Cyrus
posted by Som one on Nov 27, 2010
What the f***. Miley do ONLY lip-sync in the tv show and the movie. Stop wining and face the facts. She is better. The numbers don't lie.

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