Tina Knowles: Beyonce Will Be a Great Mom

Beyonce Knowles

Praising her singer daughter for 'caring and patient and loving,' Tina Knowles says she and her husband Jay-Z will 'make great parents.'

Beyonce Knowles' mum has fueled ongoing reports suggesting the R&B superstar is expecting her first child by cooing about the singer's mothering skills. Designer Tina Knowles denied reports Beyonce is with child a month ago, but she seems sure she'll be a grandmother again soon - and insists her eldest daughter and husband Jay-Z will make great parents.

Knowles tells People.com, "They have what it takes to be great parents. They're good people and they're really positive and they're talented and they've had a lot of practice with my grandson - their nephew. So I know they're going to make great parents."

"Beyonce is very caring and patient and loving, so I know she'll be a great mom."

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    Jan 25, 2011

    To Beyonce and JayZ continue being private and always put God 1st. THIS TO SHALL PASS.

    Jan 25, 2011

    I pray that some day people will mind there own business. Beyonce and JayZ are private people let that be that. We have 365 days to mind our own business and of course the same 365 days to stay out of other people business. STAY IN YOUR LANE.

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