Dolly Parton: Miley Cyrus Is Steered to Wrong Direction by People Around Her

Dolly Parton
Commenting on Miley Cyrus' new sexy image, Dolly Parton is adamant that it's people around her who have 'encouraged' her to change her image.

Dolly Parton is not a fan of Miley Cyrus' raunchy new image and fears the young star is "surrounded" by advisers who are steering her career in the wrong direction. The country legend has known Cyrus since she was a baby and has previously labeled the 18-year-old singer/actress her "honorary goddaughter".

The "Hannah Montana" star has shed her clean-cut image in recent months, wearing increasingly saucy outfits and shocking fans with provocative stage performances. Parton is adamant she hasn't "encouraged" the youngster to flash the flesh, and fears Cyrus may be getting bad advice from her managers.

She tells Larry King, "Hopefully she didn't get that from me because I certainly never encouraged her to do any of that... I think she's just in a cross - she's just kind of in a crosswinds trying to overcome the Hannah Montana little girl, and trying to become a young woman... I don't know if she's surrounded by people that are helping (her to) not make the wise decisions..."

And Parton is worried showbusiness is becoming increasing tough on young girls like Cyrus, adding: "I think this day and time life is hard for young people, certainly young girls... The world is just... you just can't flaunt enough. You can't just do enough. You can't just talk trashy enough or dress trashy enough. It seems to be like if you don't do that you're not in the in crowd. So I think that there's a lot of pressure just on young people in general and I think they put a lot of pressure on themselves..."

But the "9 to 5" hitmaker remains hopeful the former Disney star will grow out of her rebellious ways: "I'm hoping that Miley is going to be just fine. I know she's very gifted and I love her dearly and if she ever needs me I'll do everything I can to help her in any way that I can. So I think we should just let her grow up."

In the same occasion, Dolly Parton said she was extremely "hurt" by the negative reviews of "9 to 5: The Musical", but the singer is adamant she was able to "learn" from the harsh criticism and she's pleased the show is "still going". The stage production, based on Parton's hit 1980 movie "Nine to Five", opened on Broadway in early 2009, but was slated by New York theatre critics.

Ben Brantley of the New York Times described the show as an "overinflated whoopee cushion" and a "gaudy, empty musical", while Variety's David Rooney called it "an uneven cut-and-paste job". Despite being nominated for four 2009 Tony Awards, 9 To 5: The Musical closed early after just 148 performances and headed out on a national tour of the U.S. instead.

Parton admits she was stung by the negative reaction to the show, but she's glad the musical is still going. She tells Larry King, "Well, it always hurts you when you don't get... the good reviews but you try to learn from it. I learned years ago if you have to fall under that and just blame the critics or the person criticizing you, you're never going to learn and grow from that."

"So I've learned through the years to look and see what they say and to see if there is truth in it. And usually there is some truth. Sometimes they overdo it. They don't have to be so honest. But anyway, I just try to learn from that and apply, you know, what I've learned from it to whatever the next project may be. Of course we want everything to be a hit but that's just not how it goes, is it?"

She adds, "I'm just glad to... have it still going. I don't know how long it will go... It just keeps on going."


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