Brian McFadden Dreams to Rejoin Westlife to Challenge JLS and Take That

Brian McFadden Dreams to Rejoin Westlife to Challenge JLS and Take That

McFadden, who left Westlife in 2004 to pursue a solo career and has always ruled out a reunion, now wants Westlife reunion to see off JLS and Take That.

Brian McFadden would love to re-team with Westlife to battle fellow boybands JLS and Take That - because he's tired of the Irish group's "emotive" songs losing out in the British charts.

McFadden left Westlife in 2004 to pursue a solo career and has always ruled out a reunion with the band - but he's re-thinking his decision after the four-piece's latest solo offering, "Safe", entered the U.K. singles chart at number 10 on Sunday, November 22.

The star admits he dreams of rejoining the line-up to "challenge" bands JLS and Take That, whose new singles took the first and second places, respectively, in the same chart, and "reclaim" Westlife's former chart-topping "glory". In a series of posts on his Twitter page, McFadden writes, "If I'm to be honest yes I would love to do an album with (the) boys and show JLS and Take That what we are really made of!"

"If the boys wanna challenge these newcomers I am always up for a fight. They know where I am. Armed and ready to reclaim glory! The reason I'm feeling like this is I watch my boys release an incredible emotive song and video and it play third fiddle to average."

"When will folk (give) them the credit they deserve. They are not (an) 'X Factor' band. They (are) hard working creative machine (sic) who sacrificed a lot to get here. They will always be my brothers. No matter what happens I will support them til the day they hang up the mikes."




    May 10, 2011


    Mar 05, 2011

    I disappointed when bryan left westlife... and I hope westlife accept bryan again to make a legendary songs...

    Feb 15, 2011

    I really hope for Bryan's come back! He's the missing piece in the Westlife Band. I love to see this Westlife like the old times..hope they will accept him!

    Jan 26, 2011

    i am a really big fan of westlife but i think brian should be allowed to rejoin the band everyone deserves a second chance and he was the best entertainer in it xxxx

    westlife 4ever!!!
    Jan 13, 2011

    i am a fan of westlife since i was grade 2 and i am very disappointed when brian left westlife.i even dreamed about brian,,,,,,,that he will rejoin again the westlife.....i just hope it will happen again......ill be happy to see brian and westlife rejoined matter what happen ill be a no. fan of old westlife!!!! and fuck to jls!!!!

    Dec 12, 2010

    well,its a nice thing to c them back again if they reunite again i'll b glad to c them and im excited to hear there new songs that inspire every people aroun the God bless the westlife for that oppurtunity to comein ther life..=)

    Dec 09, 2010

    I believe that serious excellent that Brian turns to Westlife... They have been big singers... And together they have had a successful career, WOULD BE CHARMED WITH returning to listen to them together... To this height of his careers, they should leave the PRIDE of side, and return to be "brothers", since at some time they it were..

    Dec 08, 2010

    they are excellent, each of them... I am always by their side

    Dec 05, 2010

    ,actually they dont have to reunite..cuz even bryan left d band,he didnt do that to do a mere solo career..he just have some random personal reason why he left..i said they dont have to reunite bcuz they never split up..despite bryan is out d group he is still connected and still consider as a westlife member..for bryan..westlife is not jus a band,but a family he treasured that much..he treats the boys no bandmates but brothers..i cant really wait to c bryan mcfadden sing with the greatest band of all..the westlife!

    Dec 05, 2010

    ,i really wish to see brian(bryan) with westlife again..when bryan left the group,i was dprssd and it felt like heaven pours to me..but now hearing that he is rejoining the boys,.i think im gonna blow with happiness...

    weslife die hard fan
    Dec 01, 2010

    hope the four boys would gave the fans what they want!!!! i am so sure that 99% of westlife's fans, would love to watch westlife and brian re united the four boys,do it for the fans...set aside ur prides.......more power

    westlife fan
    Nov 25, 2010

    i'm a westlife fan since 1999. And of course as a fan, i'm one of many people around the world that felt sad in bryan leaving. And as one fan, i am one of those who wants to see bryan and westlife together again. I know that bryan made a big mistake in making solo career. And the other four remaining felt sad, a little angry, it's normal.. Then the four remaining.. made a mistakes too even if they are unaware doing so,,, as a fan, i only wait for westlife and bryan to reunite. But as the years gone by, i saw many band reuniting ( BSB, Boyzone, Take That ) and appearing to be happy... If only westlife and bryan will take WESTLIFE as FAMILY, and not a BAND.... Even if westlife and bryan admit it or not, deep within their hearts, they want a reunion, but the only thing hindering it is PRIDE.... For bryan, i admire the way he released that pride of his own..... Comparing to take that, TT made a mistake for allowing 15 years to gone wasted before reuniting... i'm hoping and praying that the westlife will not do the same... it's only 7 years since bryan quits, it's not too late for rauiniting again.. WESTLIFE is there, not because of bryan, nor shane, nor mark, nor nicky, neither kian.... but because of five person that have met and formed a FAMILY... and with the help of their FANS Wishing that they will decide for their FANS and not for their SELVES only.. Enough for being selfish,, westlife must think and search their hearts deeply.... hope the westlife will read this one and bryan too... GOD BLESS!

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