Brad Pitt In Talks to Bring Story of Chilean Miners to Big Screen

November 15, 2010 08:47:27 GMT

Eager to get his hands on the film rights, Brad Pitt is reportedly in negotiations with representatives for the miners to get the go-ahead for the movie project.

Brad Pitt
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Brad Pitt is hoping to transform the story of the 33 trapped Chilean miners into a big-screen epic - staff at his production company are in talks to land the film rights of the men's amazing survival. After two months trapped underground following the collapse of a tunnel, all the miners emerged relatively unscathed following a dramatic 24 hour televised rescue last month. Only one man had lung problems despite the miners being locked away in a dusty vault for so long.

And after the event hit headlines across the globe, Pitt is eager to get his hands on the film rights, and officials at his Plan B Entertainment Company are in negotiations with representatives for the miners to get the go-ahead for the movie project, according to the Associated Press.

Beside inspiring movimakers to make a big-screen adaptation, the story of Chilean miners has also made singer Amy Macdonald to write a song. "I watched the whole thing all the way through, from start to finish. I just found it so moving. I cried 33 times, once for each one as they came out. It was so inspiring for me. I have half-written a little song based on their plight," she said.


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posted by darth jolie on Nov 16, 2010
Come to the dark side
posted by janelle on Nov 15, 2010
The 6 kids arent selling so well lately. Shiloh is a weirdo-in-training. Thanks mom!!! If i hear brad pitt repeat "father of 6, father of 6" one more time im gonna puke!! Can you exploit your kids and the worlds suffering a little less please!!!!! Nobody believes it!!!
posted by angelooney whoreley on Nov 15, 2010
Save your millions cheater........ This story was already done ......... Remember the "QUECREEK miners" ....... In the USA ........ Member them???........ You jackass....

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