Justin Bieber Played Personal Concert for 'Golden Ticket' Winner

Justin Bieber

The a one-off, personal concert was performed by Bieber for his fan who was lucky enough to find one of the tickets hidden inside his 'My World 2.0' CD.

Justin Bieber has made one young fan's dream come true - he duetted with her on his hit track "Baby" during a secret show on Tuesday, November 2. The teenage star jetted in to an unknown location to surprise the winner of his Willy Wonka-style 'Golden Tickets' competition.

Bieber had agreed to play a one-off, personal concert for any fan who was lucky enough to find one of the tickets hidden inside his studio album, "My World 2.0". He made good on his promise by playing the secret show on Tuesday - and thrilled the winner by inviting her younger sister to join him in a duet of "Baby".

Bieber later posted a picture of him singing with the girl - aged about four - on his Twitter.com page, writing: "Flew in to a secret location to surprise and perform for a Golden Ticket winner. Great night so far. We got vid (video footage) too... Lil sis of the winner joined me for Baby! She even did the Luda (Ludacris) rap!"

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    Aug 04, 2011

    justin i love you! i would give anything just to be able to go to a concert! being the one less lonely girl is my dream!!!! or even meeting you is like crazy talk. but i can't stop thinking how amazing it would be!!! well justin, love you so much. and please have a concert in like boise idaho. or utah! idaho preferebly because their are more beliebers than you think in idaho. but i know i am the biggest one!!! love you! bye!

    Apr 23, 2011

    hi justin were excited to see you here in the phillipines how can we won a golden ticket ..pls..

    Jan 28, 2011

    hi justin

    Dec 07, 2010

    So young and so kind. He is a good kid who is very focused on producing good music and doing good. Very admirable.

    Nov 04, 2010

    I Hate Justinn Bieber

    Justin Bieber MAD!
    Nov 04, 2010

    i absoulutely adore justin bieber whoever sorts out the tickets please post when his next concert is in birmingham or england

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