Pink Agrees to Spanking Children Rule

November 02, 2010 09:25:43 GMT

Looking back at her wild childhood, the pop singer said she would too have kicked herself out of house for bad behavior.

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Outspoken pop star Pink has urged parents to be tough on their troubled kids - because she would have died young if it hadn't been for her dad's hard justice. The "Trouble" singer fears political correctness has stripped modern parents of the ability to spank their children when they mess up and do wrong - and she feels that so many kids need a good smack from time to time to keep them on the right path.

Pink tells Access Hollywood, "I think parents need to beat the c**p outta their kids... I think the whole spanking thing and how it's gotten all PC (politically correct) is for the birds. (My dad) put me through a wall; it's the only reason I'm still alive."

And Pink accepts she was a headache for her parents, who eventually kicked her out of the family home at 15. She adds, "I deserved it. I would have kicked me out when I was eight... I was not comfortable with authority or rules. I was bad."


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posted by Drew on Feb 16, 2015
She'd rather go naked than wear fur, but she's totally okay will inflicting emotional and physical pain on a helpless child who has infinitely more sentience than any animal with fur...
posted by Mari on Sep 01, 2013
I agree with Pink. We all got hit from our parents ( there is bad ways and ok ways )
posted by Indigo on Nov 13, 2011
Well, there goes the very small shred of respect I had for that woman. And now she has a child of her own to abuse. Never bought one of her records before, but I would never even consider it now. I don't want to hear some smoke-throated child beater through MY headphones!
posted by Eightysix on Nov 26, 2010
We're supposed to take parenting advice from a kook like Pink? She DEFINITELY sounds like someone who needs major counseling for issues she's not dealing with.
posted by RUfit2parent on Nov 19, 2010
Pink had a crappy dad and should stay far away from raising a kid until she does some serious time with a shrink. Wanna see a place full of people who were hit when they were kids? visit a jail.
posted by mmhmm on Nov 12, 2010
So, if being spanked fixed all of her problems.. why was she kicked out of the house at 15?
posted by Go PINK on Nov 04, 2010
I totally agree!!! The GOVT has no place trying to raise children from a far. GOVT needs to stay out of family structure. When children break laws, as so many do, the first things said is there was no discipline at home and "time out" is not always effective.
posted by tasha on Nov 03, 2010
yeah pink is rite bt the press and other people need to stop twisting her words and making it ot to be sumthing bad wat she said when she hanst pink fans know what pinks child hood was like for her so we all understand pink ur underdogs have ur bk always xxx
posted by hevsmith on Nov 03, 2010
totally agree with these days need a good smack..they are cheeky,ignorant and have no respect

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