Charlotte Church Eyes Opera Comeback in Her 30s

Charlotte Church

Claiming her fame as the little girl with golden voice, Church is planning to ditch pop when she is too old for the music genre.

Former child star Charlotte Church wants to return to her classical roots - she's planning to relaunch herself as an opera singer. The "Crazy Chick" hitmaker, 24, first found fame as an 11 year old when she impressed TV viewers in Britain with her powerful vocals, and went on to achieve global fame as a classical singer.

In her late teens, Church moved into pop music and overhauled her squeaky-clean image before putting her career on hold to start a family with rugby star Gavin Henson. She released her first album in five years earlier this month - and Church has now revealed she plans to re-train as an opera singer when she becomes too old for pop.

Church tells U.K. TV show This Morning, "I'd like to go back and train properly as an opera singer because although I sang classical music I was never an opera singer. I would absolutely love to go and do an opera. But that's for later - in my 30s."



    Nov 08, 2010

    Interesting. It'll be very difficult though. Not only she may have damaged her voice, by the time she wants to retrain she'd be simply too old. Most opera singers who are successful perform in smaller opera theaters and win opera competitions while in their 20s and have a major break in their 30s. She may have a good popera career, but given how many excellent young opera singers there are today, it'd be very difficult for her to compete with them. I'd certainly wish her luck and hope she is successful.

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