Paulina Porizkova Slams Nicole Kidman for Refusing to Age Gracefully

Paulina Porizkova Slams Nicole Kidman for Refusing to Age Gracefully

Learning that Kidman is messing with her own perfection, the former model says, 'She annoys me because I think that she was one of the most beautiful women ever.'

Outspoken former model Paulina Porizkova has taken aim at Nicole Kidman for refusing to age gracefully. The Aussie actress has never confirmed reports she has undergone cosmetic surgery - but Porizkova insists it's obvious she has had work done, and it's depressing that such a beauty had to go to such extremes.

Appearing on U.S. news show "Access Hollywood Live" on Wednesday, October 27, the retired model-turned-fashion blogger, 45, targeted Kidman for messing with perfection. She raged, "She annoys me because I think that she was one of the most beautiful women ever and one of the greatest actresses; I really looked up to her."

"And when you start doing this (cosmetic surgery) to what already is beautiful... I guess that kind of insecurity really disheartens me because it makes me feel like, 'Well then, what about me? If you're so beautiful and you're so perfect and you need to change that to a different kind of perfection, where does that leave the rest of us?' "

Porizkova now urges Kidman to do the honest thing and let the public know her looks aren't all her own, "When it's so obvious - when you grow that big mouth... - why not admit to it."

The ex-model insists she has never gone under the knife - but, like so many aging beauties, she often considers it. She adds, "I do nothing. I've done laser treatments, but I count that as nothing as technically it leaves you looking exactly the same."

"I've definitely had the desire (to remove wrinkles) and I battle with that desire on a daily basis because nothing ages as poorly as a beautiful woman's ego. I don't like to see it (youthful look) going away and I don't like this dragging down (of the face), and developing jowls and this weird neck thing, but it's age. At some point I've got to face it."




    Nov 02, 2010

    I understand Paulina. When the person you're looking up to starts to do something that shows dissatisfaction with one's self then what does us, her fans should think?

    Ursus Indomitus
    Oct 29, 2010

    Paulina's RIGHT. Too many women have tried to cheat age and have come out looking like a villianess on Batman, or a fish. Lisa Rinna, Priscilla Presley, Fergie, Nikki Cox, Melanie Griffiyh, to name a few.

    Oct 28, 2010

    Paulina is right. It sounds mean, but someone close to Nicole has to let her know 'WE CAN TELL' and it doesn't look good. She is beautiful without plumpers or fillers, don't mess with perfection. If you're getting some wrinkles, it's not such a big deal. Look at Naomi Watts, when she smiles you see laugh lines and lines on her forehead but she still looks stunning and is working regularly. I am a fan of Nicole too and it is depressing to see her drastically change the way she looks. She is a talented Oscar-winning actress and I wish her more great roles and Oscars in the future, but she really has to stop paralyzing her face and plumpling her lips to where she suddenly has Angelina Jolie-sized lips. It's not her. An actor needs to be able to use their natural facial expressions. If I had a friend and I was using lip injections and/or botox and fillers I would WANT them to tell me it if it didn't look good, forget about sparing my feelings.

    Oct 28, 2010

    Oh shut up Paulina! You are just a has-been model who has a fugly aging one-hit wonder as a husband. Paulina was even kicked off America's Next Top Model. Who is she to comment on Nicole Kidman? Nicole is an Oscar winning actress and I doubt she will only have only one golden statuette.

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